The Best Wedding Flowers According to Your Zodiac Sign

Have you considered choosing your wedding flowers according to your Zodiac sign? Hear us out, Fairies! You’ve spent all this time and money on prepping the perfect wedding, you may as well get the stars on your side, too!

When it comes to finalising those finer details such as bridal bouquets and the perfume you should wear on the day, take a little inspiration from your Zodiac sign using horoscope and tarot reader Mystic Medusa’s handy guide here. You never know, it may just solve that indecisive decision once and for all.

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Image: A Rustic Country Themed Real Wedding Photography: Tall Timber Studio


Red tulips, red or orange ranunculus, red roses or red dahlias are perfect choices for Aries brides. Think notes of pepper, bergamot and nutmeg when it comes to scent. An olfactory cue? Opium by Yves Saint Laurent or Tom Ford’s Black Orchid.


For this bride’s fragrance, a classic Green scent such as Vent Vert or any of the more modern compositions that echo this bouquet of lime, orange blossom and lily of the valley would be a beautiful choice. For the wedding flowers, lily of the valley with greenery or even a more daring arrangement of vegetables and herbs.


Orange works as both the colour theme and flowers for this star sign: any of the thus hued roses or lilies, hyacinth, golden oak berries and/or viburnum berries. The scent? Sparkling-fresh citrus. For example; Eau De Sisley 3, lemon, bergamot and tangerine.


Lotus, Immortelle, Jasmine and Hydrangea are the flowers most connected with the Moon-ruled Cancerian bride. The Lotus has immense spiritual significance, which would appeal to this most mystical of signs. Her scent is any of the big white floral scents. Fracas is the most famous of there, Flowerbomb more contemporary.


The classic flowers for Leo are sunflower – as Leo is ruled by Apollo, the Sun God – marigold and safflower. Any of the heliotrope family – flowers that follow the movement of the Sun across the sky, as if in devotion, are positive, too.


Like her Earth sign sibling Taurus, the Virgo bride is blessed by any shade of Green – have fun! but her fortunate flowers are in the violet and the sweet-pea families. In Victorian times, the sweet-pea was said to signify ‘lasting pleasure’ – so it is of course a beautiful omen for a wedding. Virgos classically have an antipathy to scent, preferring something super subtle and reticent; white linen, the smell of rain, chic soap.


Libra’s pink isn’t hot, it’s more the hue of pink you see in the most classic of the rose varieties; the American Beauty rose, the David Austin ones, anything heirloom. Making the Libra wedding a stream-lined theme, her most soul-supportive fragrance is also rose-based. For example; Eau De Rose by Diptyque.

wedding flowers based on your zodiac sign

Image: A Macedonian Wedding at Doltone House Photography: Collective Studio


The Scorpio’s scent tastes tend toward the more seductive; an animalic smelling musk (synthetic these days, of course) and earthy. Example; Narcisco For Her.


Their most amazing flower is the Stephanotis. Its classic meaning is “happiness in marriage” and the “fortunate travels.” Both of these are perfect for nomadic Sagittarius. The perfect fragrance for this bride? Something smells like a beautiful beach. Think a la Estee Lauder’s Beyond Paradise.


The Capricorn bride is best enhanced via the pure raw chic of orchids, the flower indelibly associated with luxury. In Ancient Greece, they were also said to support (ahem) enduring masculine virility. For the scent concept, think Jean Patou’s 1000 or the crystalline Chanel No 19.


Aquarius people are one of a kind and chances are that the Aqua bride will want her big day to reflect her actualised self. Her most cosmically supportive colour is indigo or ultra violet and though any flower of that hue would be a blessing for Ms Aqua and her lucky Groom, she may prefer to go for the more off beat option. Her ideal scent is – weirdly – of course – one that smells like vanilla.


The most magical choices of flowers for a Pisces are peonies and gardenias. These two are also associated with significant and enduring passions. The Pisces fragrance is often powdery and distinct with a strong narrative behind it. Nahema by Guerlain for example.


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