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We are the industry benchmark in cultivating and leading some of the world’s biggest brands in the online space, and know what women want to experience through a wedding themed site. Wedded Wonderland takes the journey with the follower from adolescent dreaming of falling in love, to their relationships, life-events, the BIG day to love ever after. We share supplier advice, industry insights, a comprehensive guide, planning tools, and day-to-day event and promotional information relating to weddings and special events.

With a dynamic audience growing daily, the Wedded Wonderland follower (better known as Fairy) checks in daily for the latest brands, trends, product offerings – and most importantly to be part of this awesome community to share her experiences with. She is a Bride, Bridesmaid, Wedding Guest, Event Attendee, Race Go-er, Graduate, Party Girl, Mum, Best Friend and Sister. We time and time again create a demand for products and services otherwise unknown, in a vibrant, enigmatic way.

The Wedded Wonderland Fairy is on the journey of love… and we are here to celebrate with her every step of the way.

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