Get Organised: 5 Decluttering Tips for the Wardrobe

First comes love, then comes marriage, and then comes trying to work out who gets the bulk of the wardrobe space! Getting organised in the wardrobe has never seemed more important than now when you’re trying to mesh two people’s things together into one cramped space.

It’s a challenge expert organiser and personal stylist Alarna Hope has seen time and time again, which is why we’ve enlisted her help in finding the best decluttering tips for a smart and spacious wardrobe. These are her 5 tips to live by:

1. Use the Best Organising Hack

Having all flock hangers in your wardrobe makes a huge difference. They’re space saving, anti-slip and inexpensive – Kmart sells them! And when you have all the same hangers in your wardrobe you’ll be surprised at how much neater your wardrobe looks.

2. Stick to the 2-Minute Rule

Maintain an organised wardrobe by spending two minutes simply hanging your items back the right way, and keeping things folded nicely. C’mon Fairies, it takes only a few minutes to put things back in place the moment you move them in your wardrobe, but it takes a lot longer if you wait two months to do this!

3. Don’t Get Overwhelmed by the Task

Before setting foot near your wardrobe, work out why you’re de-cluttering in the first place. Do you want to buy more clothing, do you have a wardrobe full of clothing and nothing to wear? Is your style different now? Prepare yourself with bags and baskets to separate things, ensure you’ve got a clean space to work in.

4. Get Smart with Sentimental Pieces

Your everyday wardrobe is not the place to push past your year 12 formal dress to get to your jeans! Get smart with your sentimental pieces, and store them elsewhere if you can’t part with them. If you want to conserve them, get yourself an archive box from a supplier, and store it in a cool dry place. Otherwise, a spot under the bed or with the photo albums always works.

5. Have Space for Everything

The people with the tidiest cupboards, homes, and wardrobes have space for everything they own. If by the end of your wardrobe de-clutter you’re still struggling for space – you need to get an extra storage system or remove a little more.

decluttering tips for wardrobe


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