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Get Wedded in Australia

Discover Australia’s most sought-after wedding venues, renowned fashion designers, and expert planners to host your dream destination wedding in Australia!

Get Wedded in Fiji

Set off on an expedition to uncover Fiji’s enchanting wedding venues, talented fashion designers, and seasoned event planners, forging an exceptional destination wedding experience within the embrace of the South Pacific’s tropical haven!

Get Wedded in Dubai

Explore Dubai's luxurious wedding venues, world-class fashion designers, and seasoned event planners to create the ultimate destination wedding experience in the heart of the Middle East!

Iconic Sydney Wedding Venues Unveiled

Are you dreaming of an unforgettable event at one of Sydney’s iconic venues? Whether it's a memorable wedding, a sophisticated event, or a grand celebration, the Trippas White Group Mini Guide is your essential resource to discover Sydney's most prestigious venues