The Best Colour for Your Wedding According to Your Star Sign

Can’t decide on a colour scheme for your wedding? According to horoscope and tarot reader Mystic Medusa, there’s a case for seeking inspiration from your zodiac sign.

“Beyond the natural inclinations of the bride – be it chic, Bohemian, vintage, minimalist, traditional or ultra-contemporary – there are astrological associations that can be deployed for extra-strength and magical enhancement when it comes to colour choice.”

Find your favourite shade with Mystic Medusa’s timeless guideline from the stars.

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Image: This Bride Was Married Twice in Two Days. Photography: Matthew Moore


Red is the colour that this Mars-ruled sign of the zodiac is most aligned. And when it comes to love, is there any other shade that suggests romance more?


Taurus is most associated with the family of greens. Think jade, emerald and grass green. This on-trend shade makes a beautiful bridesmaid dress option.


Having the astrologically correct colour will feel so good the Gemini that’s prone to boredom. So, consider orange for an energetic hit to your wedding. Use it in small touches such as bonbonniere

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Image: A Floral Masterpiece Wedding Inspired by the Arts. Photography: Jai Long


The colour theme most magic for this star sign is pale lilac, such as the Moon seen through mist. Pale lilac is an elegant shade for a timeless bridesmaid dress look, or stationery details that set a chic statement from the start.


Gold is the Leo colour, and could work as either the metallic or the yellow type. Think gold for regal centrepieces or weathered metallic details on your gift table for a vintage feel.


Like her Earth sign sibling Taurus, the Virgo bride is blessed by any shade of Green. Green in the form of lush green leaves in bouquets or centrepieces is a subtle yet stylish way to add interest and depth to a classic black and white theme.


Libra really is the “Think Pink” Queen of the Bridal Zodiac. Her colour is pink, but not the garish variety, more the shade of pink that you see in the most classic of the rose varieties such as the American Beauty rose, or the David Austin variety.


Elegant mauve is the perfect complement to the fixed and passionate temperament of Scorpio. In fact, any version of burgundy or purple is a suitably auspicious and dramatic colour theme for this lady.

the best colour for your wedding according to star sign

Image: A Boho Wedding in Hawaii. Photography: Rebecca Arthurs


Simplicity is the Sagittarius mantra in everything – even for weddings!  Their colour is turquoise, which is perfectly suited when it comes to incorporating their Something Blue. If blue doesn’t match with your preferred shades, consider having your wedding near the ocean for snippets of blue shades in your photography.


The Capricorn colours are from the elegant family of greys. THink slate, charcoal, and stunning silver.


Aquarius people are one of a kind, and chances are the Aqua bride will want her big day to reflect her actualised self. Her most cosmically supportive colour is indigo or ultra violet.


The Pisces lucky colour is aquamarine or even the eggshell blue most usually seen in the packaging of a Tiffany’s jewellery piece.

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