How to Choose Your Celebrant

To be legally married in Australia, an authorised celebrant must perform the wedding ceremony. However, you may choose to go for a civil or religious ceremony. For those choosing to have a civil ceremony, finding the right celebrant to suit your wedding can be extremely difficult. A quick Google search of celebrants can have you inundated with a whole range of different people. So, how do you pick the right one? Use these top tips to choose your celebrant.

Making it Legal

When deciding on a celebrant, first check that they are registered with the Australian Government, giving them authority to conduct your marriage. Commonwealth marriage celebrants are appointed by the attorney-generals department in Canberra and must undergo obligatory professional development every year.

Word of Mouth

Personal recommendations can be great when choosing a celebrant. However, the easiest way to narrow down possible celebrants is by looking at online feedback. Do your homework and have a look at reviews on their websites and other social media platforms.

Get in Contact

Ask celebrants a series of questions including the following: how many years of experience do you have? What are your fees? How many wedding ceremonies have you performed? Do you belong to an association? What equipment do you provide/need for the ceremony? What is you availability? Get in contact with a few potentials either via email or phone, and don’t forget to book a face-to-face meeting.

Meet Face-to-Face

By meeting your celebrant in person you can gauge their attitudes and personality and see how well you get on. It will also give you the opportunity to ask them all the above questions, and see what they’re able to provide you. A good celebrant will be someone that supports you, suggests potential ideas that will work effectively alongside yours, will reflect your personality, and will ensure they put the time and effort into making you feel confident. If you don’t mesh well from your first meeting then it’s better to keep looking.

Refine All the Details

You’ve picked out the finer details of the wedding, making sure all the colours, flowers and decorations work with your theme and venue. Choosing a celebrant should be no different. Check out pictures of them performing ceremonies and make note of their personal presentation. Also, don’t be afraid to discuss appropriate dress requirements that will reflect your wedding. A good celebrant will be able to match your requests and be flexible enough to be casual or formal depending on your wedding.

Title image via : A Blush and White Wedding at the Ritz Carlton
Photograph by Lin & Jirsa @linandjirsa


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