11 Last Minute Wedding To Dos You Can’t Forget

You’re on the home stretch Fairies! Your big day is almost here, and you’ve spent the past few months frantically planning the finer details of your wedding. However, it’s not unusual for things at this stage to be forgotten, so here’s our list of 11 last minute wedding to dos you can’t forget.

1. Pay Your Vendors

Getting caught up in the last-minute stress of planning a wedding can mean you forget to submit final payments. Make sure to create a master list of vendors and how much you owe them before the last week. Then have someone to remind you to pay or pay on your behalf.

2. Confirm Delivery Times

Make sure you discuss delivery times with both the vendors and your venue. Our advice is to arrange items to be delivered a few days before the wedding to avoid emergencies. Also, create a timeline so you can have a clear set up of what time everything will be arriving.

3. Finalise the Music Playlist

Send through a list of your favourite tunes to your DJ or Band. Make sure to add the songs you definitely don’t want playing at your wedding, and be specific about your entrance music, first dance song, and any other must-haves.

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4. Finalise your Guest List

Chase up those guests that haven’t confirmed if they will be able to attend or not. Often your guests will forget to respond to your RSVP so giving them a call personally will not only get your numbers in order but is a nice way to touch base with people, even if they are not able to attend. Once you’ve done this, send your final numbers to your venue.

5. Get your Paperwork in Order

Make sure you’ve filled out and submitted all important documents. Don’t leave your passport application to the last minute, but do make sure you’ve got it all sorted and ready for your honeymoon. If you need to update your home address or register name change – now is the time.

6. Final Dress Fittings

Effects of stress can include gaining or losing weight, so make sure you have a last-minute dress fitting a few days before the wedding. Have your last fitting with all your essentials, including: undergarments, shape-wear, wedding shoes, veil and accessories to make sure it all marries nicely together … pun intended!

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7. Confirm Honeymoon Details

There’s no guarantees your flights won;t be delayed, so confirm the travel times and your itinerary, and check that nothing has changed for your hotel bookings in advance. Don’t forget to confirm transport to and from the airport and budget for transport accordingly.

8. Pack for Honeymoon

Now that you’ve confirmed all your travel details, pack all your honeymoon essentials in advance. Make sure to check the weather forecast and pack the ‘just-in-case’ items. Create a list of items you need and have a friend or family member check in case you’ve missed something.

9. Pack Wedding Day Essentials

Don’t forget to pack a small bag of essentials and emergency items for the big day. think: party feet, spare bobby pins, hair ties, safety pins, deodorant, small sewing kit, lip balm, moisturiser etc -. all the little things you might need. Again, you can get a friend or family member to check that you haven’t forgotten anything or suggest something you might need.

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10. Delegate a Day of Task Master

Don’t forget to delegate someone to get the last minute, day-of tasks that need to be done. Someone who can check all the details you won’t be able to (have the candles been lit? Are the flowers centred? Is my Grandmother sitting comfortably?) Then delegate someone to take home any decorations that you want to keep, be it your centrepieces or guest book.

11. Pamper Yourself

Book a manicure and pedicure. Organise a facial or massage. Take a long bath. With all the big tasks completed and all the final checks in order, treat yourself. And don’t forget to pamper the groom, too! This will not only celebrate your last few weeks of your engagement but will help calm the both of you.

And Enjoy!


Title image: A Blush and White Wedding at the Ritz Carlton
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