7 Things You Shouldn’t Do the Night Before the Wedding

It’s the night before your wedding day and you’re a bundle of nerves and excitement. The best thing to do right now is get to bed so you’re well rested for the big day tomorrow, but if you’re one of those brides who still needs to check off last minute details, make sure you’re not staying up late to do any of these things.

1. Don’t Try New Foods

Now is not the time to try new foods that can cause your stomach to get mad at you! The last thing you need is an uncomfortable ceremony and unwanted bloating on your wedding day. Try to eat well and keep yourself hydrated.

2. Don’t Get a Spray Tan

No tan, and definitely no waxing or face peels — basically, anything that could potentially irritate your skin. If you’re planning to get a spray tan, a wax, or a facial, get them sorted 3-5 days before your wedding. The last thing you want is patchy, red, irritated skin on your wedding day.

3. Don’t Change Up Your Skin Care

Trying new facial exfoliators or cleansers can give you serious breakouts. Get yourself into a good skin routine months in advance. And don’t try anything new the night before.

4. Don’t Pluck your Eyebrows

The last thing you want are oddly shaped brows on a day you’ll be photographed from morning to night. If there is a hair out of place leave it and get your makeup artist to trim or gel it down the next morning. We recommend you have your eyebrows professionally shaped a few days before the wedding.

5. Don’t Wear Uncomfortable Heels

On your wedding day it is expected that you’ll be on your feet the entire day. So don’t wear uncomfortable heels or any tight shoes the day before that may leave you with sore feet. Bad blisters or lower back pain is the last thing you need right now.

6. Don’t Party Too Hard

Although you may be tempted to stay out partying with the bridesmaids to take your mind off things, best not party too hard the night before your wedding. And that goes for drinking alcohol, too. While a drink or two is fine, the last thing you need is a terrible hangover on the morning of your big day.

7. Don’t Stay Up Too Late

Despite your nerves and excitement, try and get yourself an early night. You’ll need the rest to get through your wedding day. If your thoughts are keeping you up: switch off your phone, take a bath and relax. Then hop into bed and listen to some chill out music.


Title Image via : Zenspa1 Flickr


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