6 Practical Ways to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Style

Selecting the ideal wedding dress can definitely be challenging—it’s not uncommon to feel dizzied by several design options, since many do exist. Luckily, it’s not impossible. So long as you have a good nose for the key characteristics of your personal style and have the time to parse through the different variations, you’ll be good to go!

Ahead, we lay out six quick tips to help you find the dress of your dreams.

6 Ways to Choose a Wedding Dress:

1. Get distractions out of the way—eliminate what you know you don’t like.

If you’re having some trouble identifying the specific style and combination you want, why not tackle the task using the process of elimination? Simply sit down and come up with a list of designs you don’t want. Whether that be a type of sleeve, neckline, length, or embellishment, subtracting these can be a helpful starting point for your search for the perfect dress. 

For example, when planning for a beach wedding, you can rule out high neck dresses past ankle length, and that have reflective beads and sequins. If you’re shopping at a ready-to-wear bridal boutique, sharing these parameters with the sales assistant may put you on the right track.

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2. Decide on a silhouette that merges comfort with the truest expression of your personal style.

The most crucial, definitive characteristic of a wedding gown is arguably its silhouette. When you float down the aisle, the shape of the gown will do most of the talking—from afar, the smaller, more detailed embellishments such as ribbons or sequins may not be immediately visible. The visual impact comes from impeccable form, whether that be a figure-hugging serpentina, an exuberant ball gown, or a fluid trumpet gown with an expansive train. 


To get started, you can browse through a list of silhouettes, and fit a few dresses in your preferred style to see which ones suit you best.

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3. Pick a fabric that achieves the aura you want to exude on your big day.

If you’re one to swoon over traditional bridal gowns that radiate the regality of princesses, check out gowns in premium, heavy lace, or fabrics covered in crystals. Alternatively, if you’re into modern dresses that will have a lifespan after the wedding, maybe a versatile satin is your thing. Other choices include the playful tulle, an increasingly-popular option for brides due to their youthful, cloud-like appearance, and sheer silk organza, which achieves an ethereal, diaphanous effect—ideal for brides who draw inspiration from dryads and whimsical imagery. Plus, fabrics come in various shades, so you can opt for gowns in true white, off-white, or even beige tones.

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4. Choose a neckline.

The neckline refers to the upper portion of the gown, where the bodice begins and meets the skin.Some necklines include the boat, square, scoop, v-neckline, u-neckline, sweetheart, strapless, off-the-shoulder, halter, high-neck, illusion, one-shoulder, and many more.

Additional revisions or enhancements may also be made to your chosen neckline. For example, you could customize the depth of your v-neckline, and control how high or low the plunge goes. The possibilities are comprehensive, so you won’t need to worry about finding the one that suits you best!

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5. Narrow down the types of embellishments you want, as well as their placement.

After building your base, formulate the icing. Would you want a big ribbon as a belt, or a 3D blossom to adorn your one-shoulder neckline? Or are you considering a skin-toned overskirt studded in crystals, textured with rich embroidery, and studded with pastel floral appliqués?

For this exciting part, it would greatly help to create moodboard, such as a Pinterest board, to expose yourself to updated and wide-ranging design options. Have fun while browsing!

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6. Work with your budget, not against it.

Remember to stick with your budget and pick a dress that falls in its general range. If you’ll be shopping at a bridal boutique, a budget will help you narrow your search to a specific section of the store, making the browsing process more manageable.

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