Bride Gets Dream Wedding Gown By Telling the Designer What She Didn’t Want in a Dress

Tiana Doyle’s journey in search of her perfect wedding gown was an arduous one. After trying on what felt like a thousand dresses in both London and Sydney, she was beginning to lose hope. But fate had something extraordinary in store for her. It was during this challenging time that Tiana crossed paths with a talented dressmaker, JESSNAJEM.

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All the Details of Tiana and Jess’ Creative Journey

Together, Tiana and Jess embarked on a creative journey to create a custom wedding gown that would leave a lasting impression. Rather than having a clear image of what the dress should look like, Tiana was able to articulate what she didn’t want. This invaluable insight provided Jess with a solid foundation to present a shortlist of designs and fabric swatches that filled the void.

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After careful consideration and mutual agreement, Tiana and Jess settled on a sketch that captured their shared vision. The silhouette was elegantly simple, but it was the choice of fabric and the intricacies of the construction that brought the gown to life. Crafted from ivory crepe suiting, the dress featured a hand-smocked V-neck bodice and a split front skirt. The design emphasized symmetry, with Tiana’s desire for a soft and fluid appearance seamlessly integrated with a structurally supportive concealed bodice.

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The Custom-Made Gown

Every detail was thoughtfully considered, ensuring that the gown would complement the various events of the wedding day. The tasteful center split of the skirt allowed a glimpse of Tiana’s enchanting Amina Muaddi Begum Glass Sling slippers, adding an element of allure. And as Tiana and her partner embarked on a post-ceremony helicopter ride over the picturesque mountains of Queenstown, the gown’s decadent 3 meter length veil came to life, creating a breathtaking spectacle against the backdrop of the majestic peaks.

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The process of creating the gown was a truly remarkable and memorable experience for Tiana. Each fitting in Jess’s studio was captured on timelapse, preserving the precious moments of construction and evolution. Tiana’s journey, shared on Instagram and TikTok under the handle @jessnajem, allowed others to glimpse the behind-the-scenes magic of this transformative process.

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The Wedding Day

On her wedding day, Tiana walked down the aisle radiating pure happiness and confidence. Her custom-made gown, a testament to the collaborative effort between Tiana and Jess, was nothing short of breathtaking. It embodied Tiana’s unique spirit and fulfilled her dreams in a way that surpassed all expectations. The couple tied the knot at James’ family property in Arrowtown, New Zealand. 

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Client Testimonial

Reflecting on the entire experience, Tiana couldn’t help but sing Jess’s praises. “Jess is the perfect partner to help achieve your dream look,” she expressed. “I can’t speak highly enough about the entire experience and the dress that was created.”

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Tiana’s journey is a testament to the power of finding the right collaborator and embarking on a custom-made gown adventure. For those who are still searching for that one-of-a-kind dress that speaks to their soul, consider entrusting your dreams to a talented dressmaker like JESSNAJEM. 

The Wedding Suppliers

Gown & Veil: @jessnajem

Photographers: @stephanandnakita

Planners & Stylists: @onefinedayweddings

Florist: @flowerroomqueenstown


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