50 Enchanting Wedding Gowns Inspired by Your Favorite Disney Princesses

Disney princesses have captivated audiences for decades with their timeless beauty and magical stories. From Cinderella’s glass slipper to Belle’s golden ball gown, these iconic characters have inspired dreams of fairy tale weddings. If you’re a bride-to-be who has always wanted to feel like a princess on her special day, we have a treat for you. We’ve curated a collection of 50 enchanting wedding gowns inspired by your favorite Disney princesses. Get ready to embark on a journey through the world of Disney fashion and find the perfect gown to make your wedding day truly magical.

50 Wedding Gowns Inspired by Disney Princesses

1. Snow White

If you’re attracted to the everlasting beauty of Snow White, then these gowns below are for you. They are reminiscent of Snow White’s iconic dress, with its standing collar, puff sleeve, A-line silhouette, and red accents.

D327 from Allure Bridal’s Disney Collection 

image 709

From Riki Dahal’s Verona Collection

image 708

A-Line Wedding Dress With Cap Sleeves from Papilio

image 712

DV25 from Allure Bridal’s Disney Collection 

image 710

Snow White From Kuraudia Co’s Disney Japan Collection

image 711

2. Aurora

With this wonderful collection of bridal gowns inspired by the legendary Sleeping Beauty, you may immerse yourself in Aurora’s ethereal realm. The Disney princess’s grace and charm are reflected in each dress’s dreamlike elegance. Soft pastel colours, tulle skirts, and lace accents create a dreamy atmosphere reminiscent of Aurora’s endless slumber. These dresses provide a stunning appearance on your special day, whether you choose an off-the-shoulder silhouette or a V-neckline with illusion details. 

Magnolia by Galia Lahav

image 722

DP351 from Allure Bridal’s Disney Collection 

image 719

Bellina by Galia Lahav

image 718
Photo by Purple Tree Photography

D311 from Allure Bridal’s Disney Collection 

image 720

DP301 from Allure Bridal’s Disney Collection 

image 721

3. Cinderella

Experience the charm of Cinderella with these enchanting collection of wedding gowns. Each frocl represents Cinderella’s eternal grace and mythical charm. The color palette reflects Cinderella’s popular ball gown, ranging from traditional white to soft blue. Tulle layers, delicate stitching, and illusion accents create an ethereal loveliness reminiscent of Cinderella’s famed glass slipper. These dresses convey a majestic and romantic aura appropriate for a princess, whether you choose a strapless sweetheart neckline or an illusion back.

From Sadek Madej’s 2018 Bridal Collection 

image 725

Cinderella by Galia Lahav

image 723

D373 from Allure Bridal’s Disney Collection 

image 724

Aishwarya Rai in Couture Gown by Michael Cinco

image 727
Photo from Getty Images

Ariana Grande in Custom Cinderella-style Dress by Zac Posen

image 726
Photo from Getty Images

4. Belle

Take a look at this gorgeous assortment of bridal gowns inspired by the beloved Belle. Each gown reflects Belle’s classic elegance with ageless sophistication and seductive charm. These gowns embody the essence of Belle’s captivating story, from ball gowns with fitted lace bodices to A-line designs with illusion necklines. The colour scheme runs from ivory to gold, and is inspired by Belle’s famous ballroom costume. Delicate flower lace, elaborate needlework, and layers of tulle create an enchanted atmosphere, evoking Belle’s love of reading and her picturesque village. These gowns exude classic beauty and grace, with off-the-shoulder sleeves or structured bodices.

Gaga by Galia Lahav

image 728

DP272 from Allure Bridal’s Disney Collection 

image 728

Look 05 From Zuhair Murad’s 2023 Fall Collection

image 730

Wedding Dress 20-011 by Ricca Sposa

image 731

D322 from Allure Bridal’s Disney Collection 

image 729

5. Ariel

Dive into the sea of beauty with this mesmerizing collection of Ariel-inspired wedding gowns. Each gown captures the Little Mermaid’s magical charm and exuberant personality. These designs evoke the essence of Ariel’s underwater home, from mermaid-style gowns with elaborate seashell-inspired beading to flowing skirts in marine hues. Delicate lace appliques, illusion necklines, and cascading layers of tulle combine to create an ethereal and fanciful aesthetic suited for a mermaid princess.

D260 from Allure Bridal’s Disney Collection 

image 733

121235 Ariel from Calla Blanche

image 735

DP350 from Allure Bridal’s Disney Collection 

image 734

Fervora by Isa Torez

image 736

Scarlett by Galia Lahav

image 732

6. Jasmine

Transport yourself to a whole new world with this gorgeous collection of wedding gowns inspired by Princess Jasmine. Each dress captures the exotic charm and regal elegance of the Arabian nights. From two-piece ensembles with midriff-baring tops to flowing skirts embellished with intricate gold accents and embroidery, these designs evoke the essence of Jasmine’s royal heritage. Vibrant jewel tones, luxurious fabrics, and ornate details reflect the opulence and beauty of Agrabah.

D364SL from Allure Bridal’s Disney Collection 

image 742

The Daphne by Cinq

image 740

DP354  from Allure Bridal’s Disney Collection 

image 738

LP2127 Winnie by Calla Blanche

image 744

Mira Gown by Rue de Seine

image 743

7. Pocahontas

With this enchanting selection of wedding gowns inspired by Pocahontas, you may embrace the spirit of adventure and natural beauty. Each gown embodies the Native American princess’s bohemian-inspired grace and earthy allure. Flowy chiffon and organza fabrics embellished with flowery lace accents exude casual beauty and a connection to nature. The color scheme is inspired by the earth’s deep tones, expressing Pocahontas’ strong connection to her surroundings.

D375 from Allure Bridal’s Disney Collection 

image 741

Joy Gown by Eisen Stein

image 746

Dawn by Rue de Seine

image 737

Nevada by Rue de Seine

image 739

DP355  from Allure Bridal’s Disney Collection 

image 745

8. Mulan 

With this inspiring selection of bridal gowns inspired by Princess Mulan, you’ll definitely radiate strength and grace. Mulan’s fierce spirit and eternal beauty are captured in each outfit. Moreover, Mulan’s bravery and devotion to her Chinese ancestry are honored with sleek silhouettes, high necklines, and cherry blossom embroidery. These designs ooze beauty and sophistication, representing the ideal marriage of femininity and strength.

Secret Desire from Ida Torez

image 750

White Mock Neck Sleeveless Low Slit Dress from Milla

image 748

Cherry Blossom from Gossamer

image 750

Custom Gown from Wan Yong of Bridefully Yours

image 747

Pema from Alexandra Grecco

image 749

9. Elsa

This beautiful range of bridal gowns is inspired by Arendelle’s Snow Queen. Each gown embodies the icy beauty and regal sophistication defining Elsa’s persona. These designs emanate elegance and charm, with fitted bodices with sheer illusion necklines and flowing skirts decorated with sparkling icicle-like accents. Elsa’s relationship to ice and snow is reflected in the color palette, which runs from icy blues to glimmering whites. 

LOOK – PSSS2213 by Paolo Sebastian

image 755

LOOK – PSSS2203 by Paolo Sebastian

image 754

LOOK – PSSS2210 by Paolo Sebastian

image 753

Look 13 from Bridal Fall 2023 by Elie Saab

image 759

Look – PSSS2113 by Paolo Sebastian

image 751

10. Rapunzel

From ethereal A-line silhouettes with intricate lace bodices to romantic ball gowns adorned with cascading floral appliques, these designs evoke the magic and wonder of Rapunzel’s fairy tale. Soft pastel hues, layers of flowing tulle, and delicate embroidery create a dreamy and romantic look, reminiscent of Rapunzel’s iconic golden locks. Whether featuring off-the-shoulder necklines, illusion details, or delicate lace sleeves, these gowns are a true reflection of Rapunzel’s unique spirit and style. 

Wedding Dress 20-018 by Ricca Sposa

image 756

Wedding Dress 20-017 by Ricca Sposa

image 752

Wedding Dress 20-010 by Ricca Sposa

image 757

21-001 AV ANGELICA by Ari Villoso

image 758

21-012 AV MARIA by Ari Villoso

image 760


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