7 Fashion-Forward Wedding Dress Alternatives for the Modern Bride

As the saying goes—your wedding, your rules. If you don’t necessarily connect to the traditional wedding dress or want to challenge norms, there are multiple offerings from various brands that propose a new way of approaching bridal fashion. 

From suit dresses, pantsuits, to off-kilter gown shapes, there are an abundance of sartorial options you could browse to find the one that captures your style DNA. 

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Below, we offer 7 fashion-forward alternatives to bridal gowns: 

1. Jumpsuit

Instead of a traditional voluminous gown, you could opt for a sleek, well-tailored jumpsuit. It could have a halter neckline, a plunging neckline, as well as various leg silhouettes, such as the skinny, straight, or flared cuts. You can also choose from different materials when having your jumpsuit customized. You can still opt for a traditional lace to keep the femininity, to balance out the relatively unisex garment. You can get it covered with rhinestones or opt for a bodice with boning for a slightly more daring look. 

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Jumpsuit, 19.950 TRY, (approximately 1,109.32 AUD), Vakko

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Jumpsuit, 26,500 TRY, (approximately 1,472.74 AUD), Vakko

2. Heritage Attire

Draw from your national heritage to add a unique spin to the wedding dress. One stunning example of gorgeous traditional garb is the Indian sari, which is an excellent opportunity for ornate, beautiful designs that incorporate a lot of lace, gems, and various other bridal ornamentations. 

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Hand-Embroidered Navbhumi Saree Set, 6,490.00 USD, Rahul Mishra

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Hand-Embroidered Navbhumi Halter Gown, price available upon request, Rahul Mishra

3. Babydoll Dress

Bridal dresses don’t always have to be adorned with a long train or a full chiffon skirt. If you’re into shorter styles, you can definitely go for a chic babydoll dress. Dare to wear it with black boots or leather platforms. 


Beth Dress, €1,400, (approximately 2,292.51 AUD), Cecile Bahnsen

4. High-Low Dress

If you can’t decide between wearing a leg-baring dress and one with a long back, simply go for a high low dress. This way, you can enjoy a chic, flirty skirt with a touch of classic glamour. Additionally, shoe lovers would be right to go for this style; the strategic cut will definitely court the eyes and bring your special steppers to everyone’s attention.  

Ghala Dress in Bone, 16,500.00 PHP, (approximately 442.86 AUD), Vania Romoff

5. Separates

If you cannot commit to owning a bridal gown, you could just acquire separates. Find a stylish top that you can still envision yourself reaching for after your wedding. Depending on your style, you can pair it with a flowy and full skirt, a mermaid skirt, or even a mini skirt. 

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Cream Cord Lace Cropped Top, £280 (approximately 535.91 AUD), and Midi Skirt, £250 (approximately 478.41 AUD), Self-Portrait

6. Colored Dresses

Looking for something outside of the usual white? Explore adjacent options such as off white, nude, cream, blush pinks, soft periwinkle, and daffodil yellow. Or, you could just go all out and wear the brightest variant of your favorite color. 

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TR Style 158, price available upon request, Pronovias

7. Blazer Dress

Perfect for civil weddings, the blazer dress is as minimal and modern as it gets. Endlessly rewearable and styleable, this piece will surely climb to the top spot in your list of wardrobe favorites. Counterpoint the sharp tailoring with a graceful lace veil. 

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Again, your wedding day is your special day. If it doesn’t help to go through a gallery of popular wedding dress styles, just strip down to the essentials and ask yourself what you want to be wearing on one of the happiest days of your life thus far. The answer doesn’t have to be a gown. If it brings your taste to the fore and represents the joy you feel, then consider it a fashion triumph.

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