The Wedding Survival Kit for You and your Bridesmaids

Consider this the ultimate list of must-haves that will help you and your bridesmaids get through the long/ stressful/ exciting/ nerve-wracking/ emotional day ahead.

1. Snacks

You need lots of energy to get you through the day, but you don’t want to feel bloated or heavy. Stock up on protein bars and nuts for sneaky snacks and for something a little more indulgent, arrange a fruit and cheese platter. Have water bottles on hand and don’t forget to supply straws (so you don’t ruin your lipstick).

2. Hair Product

Even the best hairdresser can’t guarantee that your hair will have a salon-finish all day, mainly due to the weather. This means you’ll need hairspray, bobby pins and a comb on hand for any quick touch-ups – especially if elements of your wedding day are outside.

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3. Make-Up

A mirror, cotton buds, translucent powder, eyeliner, blush, lippy and lash glue should be on standby just in case you have a beauty-mergency.

4. Portable Phone Charger

You should provide your Maid-of-Honour’s mobile to any vendors in case of last minute issues and because you’ll all need your mobiles at hand, you need to have a phone charger.

Image via Christopher Morrison 

5. Flats and Band-Aids

Trust us, you’ll suffer from sore feet at some point during the day. Having a pair of flats means you can give your soles a rest and the BandAids will be worth their weight in gold when you get a blister.

6. Sewing Kit

Rips and catches in a gown can cause major wedding day drama. Have a mini sewing kit nearby, as well as some safety pins. That way, there won’t be tears over tears.

Image via Siempre Weddings

7. Pain Killers

Headaches, period pain and a whole lot of other ailments can arise randomly on the day. So keep some medicine with you to get you – or anyone else in the bridal party – feeling good as new.

8. Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are great for blotting out spills and also perfect for removing makeup smudges. Have a mini travel pack with you throughout the day.

9. Deodorant

No explanation needed.

Feature Image via Christopher Morrison 

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