The Introvert’s Guide to Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding to celebrate your love can be a thrilling time for party-lovers. But for introverts, the idea of being the centre of attention for an entire day is enough to lose sleep over. Dancing, speeches, even kissing in front of family and friends can leave some people anxious, so it’s important to remember – it’s your day, and you can tweak where necessary to suit to your needs. Here are a few planning ideas to create the wedding you really want.

Scrap the stressful itinerary

It’s your party and you’ll change it if you want to! Choose to leave out certain instances of a traditional wedding reception if they don’t sit well with you. Do you hate the bouquet and garter toss? Quietly hand your bouquet to someone special on the night. Does the idea of dancing in front of your guests make you weak at the knees? Instead of having a solo first dance, ask your DJ to invite guests to join you on the dance floor.

Fewer guests means less stress

Every introvert knows that an intimate get-together with a small group of friends can be more fun that a massive party. Why should your wedding be any different? Celebrate your special day with the people closest to you and your intended. Not only will you be more comfortable with a small guest list, you might find the wedding more special and memorable for everyone.

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Know your strength and your weaknesses

Being an introvert has its benefits. Introverts tend to be more introspective, thoughtful, and organised; and it’s these traits that will be a huge boon to your wedding plans. Use your careful pragmatism to get your wedding plans down on paper, or plan it online via sites like WeddingBee or Pinterest.

While your innate nature can be great for planning a wedding, it’s also important to recognise which scenarios aren’t your strong suit. Have your future spouse or a helpful bridesmaid come along with you for meetings that trigger your anxiety. You’ll end up with a more pleasant experience for everyone.

Share a “First Look” before the ceremony

Are you anxious about walking down the aisle? It is considered a critical moment in a couple’s love story: a moment that marks the start of a new chapter in their life together, and a moment that all your guests get to witness. To ease the stress, consider doing a “first look” before the ceremony begins. This will give both you and your partner a chance to soak in the moment, and it makes for some great photos, too)!

Don’t be afraid to ask for alone time

Planning a wedding is stressful for introverts and extroverts alike. But while an extroverted bride to be can go out with her girlfriends to dance the stress away, introverts crave alone time – something that can be hard to come by as the big day approaches.

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends, family, and future spouse for a little alone time when the stress gets overwhelming. Meditate, read a book, or take a nap if you need to. Do whatever it takes to recharge your batteries, so that you can feel at ease as you plan – and celebrate – one of the most important days of your life.

When you focus on the positives and take care of your mental health, planning a wedding can be a magical, romantic time, and the wedding can be even better. Remember to care for your needs and plan a ceremony will make you happy and confident.


Written by contributor, Naomi Shaw.
Naomi Shaw is a freelance writer from Southern California. She loves writing about home decor and education. When she’s not writing, she loves to spend time with her husband and three children.


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