11 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Healthy

Being in a relationship isn’t always the way it looks in movies..

Even happy couples aren’t sure how to take the ups and downs. So, take a seat and learn from the experts!

With these 11 ways to keep your relationship happy and healthy, you can now mould, smooth and maintain that bond between husband and wife.

Take note, because these rules may be basic, but they will soon head you in the right direction.

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1. Communication

Communication is far more important than commitment.

Healthy couples don’t avoid conflict, but they do know how to keep the lines of communication open. When you talk to your partner, tell them about your day and always be specific about your emotional wants and needs.

By opening yourself up, you’re showing a sense of trust in your partner. Being open means you are inviting them to be as honest as you. If something is bothering you, express it !


2. Empathise and Appreciate

Following communication, empathy is a strong bond of trust. Never laugh at your partner while they are sharing an issue or even dismiss their problems. Just express empathy.

Physical forms of contact can include hugging and consoling them. Always reassure them that you still love them and tell them that you understand what they are going through. When it comes to appreciating, compliment your partner when they do something for you. Don’t forget to thank them every once and a while!

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3. Listen!

Listening requires your full attention on your partner.

Remember, eye contact is key and you should never interrupt them while they are speaking. A fantastic response could be, ‘I understand that you are frustrated at work or with family’.


4. Keep the Romance Alive

It doesn’t matter how you’ve been together, it’s still important to plan activities together.

Date night could work at least once a month, and if you have children, plan ahead for a babysitter. The entire point is to keep the spark going, so always think of creative ways to surprise your partner.

Have you considered outdoor activities or even a romantic night together? What about cooking their favourite meal, maybe a romantic massage!

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5. Spend Time Apart

You can still be in a relationship but still spend time apart. We checked, its healthy!

In life, you need to find that balance of personal time and relationship bonding. Has your partner banned you from seeing friends? No? Great. Go out on a Friday night and engage in your favourite interests.

Sometimes, reading a book does your mind a lot of good. Of course, you need to encourage your partner to do the same. The time you spend together is always precious, but you could risk being bored.


6. Ask Open-Ended Questions

Asking open-ended questions can allow your partner to express themselves!

This will open up the opportunity for communication when you allow them time to answer the question. Asking such questions as, ‘how do you feel about your job?’, or ‘if there is anything you would change in life, what would it be?’.

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7. Debate, don’t Fight!

Disagreeing with your partner will occasionally arise..

Make sure you settle your differences calmly, especially if there are children present. This means to never raise your voices or physically fight.

These altercations can really hurt you, your partner and the children. Don’t hold grudges against one another and respect the right for individual opinion. Because these will never subside!


8. Keep Secrets!

Has your partner done something incredibly embarrassing in the past? Keep it!

In life, when someone tells you confidential information, you should never share it with anyone. Your close friends are a no-go!

It doesn’t matter if they won’t tell anyone, you have already broken that trust.

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9. No Lies!

Even a small lie can damage a good relationship.

We get it, it sounds hard but being completely honest with your partner will keep that bond strong. Even if you don’t want to bother them, its better, not to mention healthier in the long term.

This will encourage them to be honest too!



No matter how difficult your partner is, you need to learn the art of respect!

Not only them, but their parents and friends too. Remember, everyone feels defensive when their family are insulted, and it could ruin your relationship.

Try to accept your partner’s unique way of life and understand that they have their own take on things. When you feel disrespected, discuss the problem with your partner in a gentle manner.


11. Apologise!

If you are in the wrong, apologise for it!

Watch the trust increase between you both and this will definitely allow your partner to apologise too. It’s also important to forgive your partner once they apologise.

Don’t forget to let your anger go, and don’t go to bed angry!

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