Before you walk the aisle, you’ve got to get the ultimate Instagram snap of you and your best girls and we’ve looked through thousands of viral Bridesmaid shots to find the 7 steps you need to take to get the most likes.

1. Baby Got Back

A back shot is a must. Ask the photographer to arrange your Bridesmaids on either side of you, layout your trains, hook arms and stick your shoulders back!


backImage from Mia and Jarred’s wedding. Photography by Julia Winkler.

2. Candid, but Posed, but Candid

The trick to a perfect Instagram shot is to master the art of the candid-posed shot. The photos are posed, but LOOK candid. We’re talking girlie whispers, dressing the Bride and the Bridesmaid gifts.

candidImages from Elizabeth and Anthony’s wedding. Photography by  Studio Impressions and Lilian and Shunt’s wedding. Photography by Christopher George Photography.

3. The Supermodel Posse

No one does this pose better than the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Think like a 90s girl band and each have your go-to pose and look, so when the photographer yells ‘say cheese’, you know what to do.

supermodelImage Storm and Xerxes wedding. Photography by Terralogical.

4. Killer Gowns

Nothing will get more likes than a girl squad wearing jaw-dropping gowns – extra points are given for slinky fits, thigh-high splits and glitter!

gownImages from Gabrielle and Jordan’s wedding. Photography by  Image Haus and Donia and George’s wedding. Photography by Xsight.

5. Props

Get your hands on your gorgeous bouquets, matching champagne flutes or even lipsticks and take advantage of the props around you.

propsImage from Francesca and Joe’s wedding. Photography by GM Photographics and Paris and Joey’s wedding. Photography by APL Photography.

6. Robes On

Trust me; purchasing matching robes for your Bridal party will be the best investment you make; not only are they a super cute gift idea, but the photo opportunities are endless.

robesImage from Mia and Jarred’s wedding. Photography by Julia Winkler and Storm and Xerxes wedding. Photography by Terralogical.

7. The Catwalk

Ask your ‘Maids to strut their stuff with you and get the photographer to snap some long-shots. You’ll look fierce and the action shots are bound to get the likes!

walkImages from Sabrina and Daniel’s wedding. Photography by Joseph Koprek and Francesca and Joe’s wedding. Photography by GM Photographics

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