We’ve all heard the horror stories about the Wedding guest from hell, but have you ever wondered whether you’ve broken a sacred Wedding rule? Research shows that 5% of us have, at one stage, made a Wedding faux pas, so here are 5 signs you are the guest that the Bride whinges about for months after her Big Day.

1. You’re Late

The only person who should be late on the Wedding Day is the Bride. Dodging the Bridal Party as you try and find a seat in the packed church is a HUGE no-no; always aim to arrive at least twenty minutes early to the ceremony. If you get there early, don’t fret. Meet some of the Bride and Grooms family and friends, because you’ll likely be getting on the dance floor together in a few hours.

2. You’re Attached

It doesn’t matter if the only person you know at the Wedding is the Bride, do not attach yourself like a needy child to her. The Bride and Groom will be stretched for time without having one of their guests following them around like a love-sick puppy. Have a champagne and start making new friends and wait for the Bride to come up to you.

3. You Wore That!

If you’re outfit is likely to make jaws-drop (be it in a good or bad way), opt for something less scandalous. The Wedding Day is about the Bride and it’s a mortal sin to wear anything that could outdo her. Steering clear of too much cleavage/leg, too tightly fitted and too-white outfits are always good basic rules to abide by.

4. You’re Oversharing

What happened in college, stays in college. We know you’ve probably had some wild nights partying with the Bride, but the Wedding Day is not the time to bring them up. Equally bad is any comment that could break ‘girl code’, so steer clear of stories about Brazilian waxing, spanx and tampons.

5. You’re Overdrinking

Just because there’s an endless flow of cocktails and champers, it doesn’t mean you have to use it. Keep it classy by limiting your drinks to two every hour (tops) and if you start feeling tipsy, it’s time to sip some water.

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