Physical Attraction: How Important is it?

Some people still believe physical appearance is the most important quality to consider when evaluating a potential partner. Though a person’s ‘attractiveness’ is subjective, there seems to be some general standards that most people agree upon, and most couples it seems, feel they’re within a few levels of attractiveness of each other.

So where do you stand? Relationship expert Katia Loisel gives Wedded Wonderland some crucial tips about the importance of physical attraction.

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You know it, we know it – the online dating world has surpassed face-to-face communication and the acceptable ‘let me buy you a drink’ method. Social media plays a huge part in determining how someone is attractive; ‘filtering’ their physical appearance can really give that ‘extra-attractiveness’ boost!

“We’ve become a “swipe right culture” — a society addicted to instant gratification and attraction — focused on “macro” qualities like physical attraction. While social media gives us an ego boost temporarily, basing a relationship on attraction and physical qualities is not supportive of a long-term romance”, Katia tells Wedded Wonderland.

If someone believes they’re level of ‘attractiveness’ is higher than they actually are, they’ll feel they’re just as attractive as the people they’re seeking. And who knows; profession or even financial status can play a strong attribute to the attractiveness playing field, but actually won’t gain a sustaining relationship.

Do we believe that a couple can be happy together and have a successful relationship when one partner more attractive than the other? No one can say. But we’re curious about the people who are only interested in a partner more attractive than they are because this approach can be a challenge!

“Many people mistake lust and attraction for love and jump into a relationship based on instant chemistry that is reliant on superficial qualities and attraction, rather than building a relationship based on true connection, having similar values, goals and understanding”, Katia says.


Katia Loisel is a relationship expert now working alongside ANZ on their Love Insurance campaign during the month of April.

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