Can Online Dating Help You Find True Love?

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Gone is the era when it was the norm to approach people in bars as opposed to browse a dating site to find a potential partner. Online dating has definitely gone mainstream and if you decide to give virtual dating a spin, here are a few pointers from a real life couple!

Funnily enough, ten years ago, the term ”we met online” was not at all relevant, now it has become a common staple, like toothpaste or milk. If you’re single, it’s definitely worth trying to see if you can find some compatible profiles. We asked eHarmony married couple Ruth and Stuart about their virtual dating experience.

According to an eHarmony study, 74% of Aussie singles consider the ultimate goal of dating to be falling in love, starting a long-term relationship or marriage, and starting a family. Goals are a necessity, but what about the pros and cons?

“The pros were being able to look at will and at your own convenience, it fit into your life, and your phone! If you wanted to look you could, if you didn’t you didn’t. For people like me with limited time it was great. The con for me was the ‘Ask 5 Questions’ feature. Stuart and I actually started talking because I sent a direct message, which I think was a better way”, Ruth tells us.

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People struggle to assume if online dating is actually for them – and if you’re thinking about joining the ranks and seeking companionship through a screen, you may find a benefit or two. Ruth, a full time working mother had no time for virtual relationships. Sure, online dating can be a little overwhelming, especially if you have a limited social life!

“The chances of someone walking into my work or knocking on my door were slim to none existent…and ‘slim’ was definitely on long service leave! If I went out it was with my daughter, I didn’t go “out” with adults very much. It was a very good friend who convinced me to give it a go and I hoped I would find someone that wasn’t a complete moron!”, she tells us.

Stuart chose to do online dating as he wanted to find a person who was compatible to him. It’s difficult to meet people in today’s ‘busy’ lifestyle, and he wasn’t going to meet his life partner in a bar or a club. With the convenience of online dating (and not dressing up!), it allowed Stu to meet people he wouldn’t be able to meet in every day life.

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Everyone knows the law of attraction – its one of those key factors that helps draw good things (and photos) towards you. We asked Stu and Ruth what appealed to them most about each other’s profile.

“The fact we had so much in common, the system matched us perfectly.”, Stu says.

“Obviously I saw Stu’s pic first…obviously I was attracted to the photo (which I later found out was THE BEST photo he ever had taken!!! (JOKE!!!) Actually his biography grabbed me, he was so honest and so intelligent, a refreshing change for me…someone whom I thought I could have a conversation with!”, Ruth tells us.

Still pondering on the virtual dating world? Ruth’s words of encouragement may be just what you need for a relationship kick-start!

“After being the person who wouldn’t take friends’ advice, and avoiding the whole online dating thing for ages, I would 100% endorse it. What have you got to lose? A little bit of money? People spend more on coffee in a week. Who knows who may be on there, maybe your soul mate, maybe not, but why not take a chance and have fun finding out.”, Ruth tells Wedded Wonderland.


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