MAFS: John and Melissa Have Officially Broken Up And Love Is Dead

Seriously, the experts on Married At First Sight may need to find themselves new jobs because they clearly have no idea what they’re doing.

John Robertson and Melissa Walsh  our last remaining strand of hope after Telv and Sarah split – have now also called it quits, meaning this season of MAFS has officially been unsuccessful.

Good job, John Aiken.

John (Robertson, that is) took to Instagram to make the announcement, writing:

“I had a fantastic time with Melissa on Married at First Sight. We really loved spending time together and getting to know each other and had an instant connection. We lived together so easily and it reminded us both how wonderful it is to be with a partner. We thought there would be some issues when we got into the real world outside but decided to give it a go and see it there was true feelings between us.”

“It has been a very difficult decision and it makes us both very sad to say we have decided to no longer continue as a couple . We still have the utmost respect for each other but have found significant differences in our lives and expectations in relationships.

“We have spoken at length about how to make it work and have been spending time with each other to let our relationship unfold but both agree it doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere.

“We still care deeply for each other as friends and will never forget the incredible times we have had together.”

In true dad-using-social-media-fashion, John used a pixelated image of the two and cut off the top of his head, which only makes us love him even more.

Melissa also confirmed the break up on her Instagram account, using the original, slightly-better quality image with her own loving message towards John.

This is the second time that John has failed to find love on Married At First Sight, after appearing on the previous season with ‘wife’ Debbie Brosnan, who rejected John for not being Polynesian.

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