MAFS: Tracey Finally Got Her Revenge On Dean And We’re Screaming

Rejoice, Australia! Tracey Jewel has finally done what we’ve all been screaming at our televisions for her to do.

She’s finally given Dean Wells the boot. Married At First Sight has never been better.

In their final commitment ceremony last night, meat-head “feminist” Dean finally showed some kind of emotion other than heightened machismo, telling Tracey:

“After all we have been through and all we have learnt and everything you’ve done for me … I now know that I love you and I want to grow our future together.”

Dean, clearly in touch with his softer side, allowed his tears to flow freely, admitting that his past discrepancies were a result of his “childish behaviour” and that Tracey had “supported him” and the dramas which he caused had somehow “strengthened their bond.”

If you believe that kind of thing, which Tracey did not.

After listening to Dean’s speech and even kindly reaching out and touching his hand as he cried, Tracey finally got her chance to speak.

“I came into this experiment taking a blind leap of faith. I was so ready to find love and I was full of optimism and hope. From the moment I met you at the altar, I felt a spark … I knew this could be something special. We’ve had so much fun, you make me laugh with all our “in jokes”, yet you also have this thoughtful, sensitive side. You’re smart, creative and caring.”

Then she stuck the knife in.

“But you quickly put me out of my romantic fantasy when you betrayed me. It was then I found out that love isn’t all sparks and butterflies. I’ve also surprised myself so much throughout this experiment, for staying and defending you and us and kicking you to the curb.

Thanks to the trauma, I’ve learnt what love really is and could be. It’s pain, it’s sleepless nights, it’s standing before you as a woman who has understood you and your B.S. – stuck with you through all your mistakes. I feel like you have met your match in me. This experiment has reminded me that when I love a person I must not forget to take care of myself too, that I trust too easily.

This experiment has shaken me awake and helped me see what I’m worth and unfortunately Dean, you don’t deserve me. 

I’m so sorry Dean but I have too many doubts to trust you. I want to believe you’ve truly changed and with so much murky water under the bridge between us I just can’t continue this relationship with you.”

That’s right, Australia, Ms. Tracey Jewel finally told Dean exactly what he needed to hear weeks ago – you don’t deserve her.

The resounding cheers across the nation – aka Twitter – were thunderous. Seriously, the best part of Married At First Sight might actually be the Twitter comments.

Oh, Patrick and Charlene also declared their love for one another which is great, but come on.

Viva la Tracey.

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