7 Things You Should Never Say to a Bride on her Wedding Day

In the lead up to the wedding the bride will be preparing and stressing over the finer details that make up one of the most important days of her life. A day she’s been dreaming about for months, maybe even years! With her stress levels peaking and her emotions running high, she’ll be super sensitive. Here are seven things you should never say to a bride on her wedding day.

1. We lost your shoes/veil/headpiece

On the morning of the wedding the last thing the bride wants to hear is that part of her ensemble has gone missing. Best way to avoid this is to prepare and make sure everything is in order before the day arrives. And for brides – make sure you enlist someone you trust to help you get dressed on the day.

2. We lost the Groom

This is only acceptable to be said in jest, granted the bride appreciates that sort of humour.

3. You look tired

Months of to-do lists, and many a sleepless night goes into planning a wedding. If a bride looks tired, she has every right to. This is offensive on any occasion, least of all on her wedding day.

4. Hope you don’t mind, I’ve brought a few extra friends

As a bride you plan for unexpected guests, you also spend at least two weeks straight meticulously planning the seating chart. A wedding is exciting, but that does not mean you need to bring your entire squad, uninvited. Don’t tell a bride you’re bringing extra people unless you have direct permission from her to do so.

5. My food is terrible

Be aware that telling a bride the food you were served on the day of her wedding isn’t so crash hot is inconsiderate. A lot of planning and money goes into the catering of a wedding, so If there are problems with the dish speak to a waiter or venue staff, don’t ruin the bride’s big day.

6. The wedding is not my taste

A wedding’s theme, colours, decoration, flowers, and even venue are picked as a reflection of the bride and groom’s taste, not yours. Don’t tell a bride on the day of the wedding that it is not to your taste. It shouldn’t matter. A wedding is a celebration of their union, not a chance for you to judge their style.

7. When are you having kids?

Congratulate her on her nuptials and thank her for inviting you; don’t ask her when she’s planning on having children! Whenever the bride and her groom think it’s time to have kids, they will have kids. It could be in five years time or nine months time, but that doesn’t mean they need to share the details with you.


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