5 Things a Bridesmaid Should Never Do

You’ve been given the honour of being a Bridesmaid and are slightly daunted (or supremely excited!) about the responsibility. Here come the endless to-do lists and the major budgeting to afford the dress, shoes, accessories and possible accommodation. Being the perfect bridesmaid requires you to assist the Bride to make her big day into the wedding of her dreams, so here are five things you should never do as a bridesmaid!

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1. Forget the Important Dates

Your bride needs you to be present, so make sure you jot the important dates into your diary and input reminders into your phone. If you are unable to attend due to work or family commitments, do discuss it with the bride and the earlier the better.

2. Don’t be Late

The last thing a bride needs to worry about are her bridesmaids being late (especially on her wedding day). If you are required to be there at a certain time to get hair and makeup done, make sure you leave early – traffic can be erratic and can’t be trusted. Plus the earlier you arrive, the more relaxed you’ll be, which in turn will rub off on your bride.

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3. Be Glued to Your Phone

Bridesmaid duty requires you help out as much as you can, and while taking pictures for the bride at appointments is encouraged, being attached to your device during an important event is a big no no. Social media, messenger apps, and that super addictive game can wait, being part of the moment is much more important. Also, if you are taking snaps of the bride, make sure you have her permission before you post to any social platforms – she might want all the peeps to know what her dress will look like before the big day. On the other hand she might urge you to be her paparazzi!

4. Compete with Another Bridesmaid

If you’ve ever watched Bridesmaids, you know exactly what disasters ensue when bridesmaids compete with each other. This is the last thing a bride wants. She has chosen you because you’re an important person in her life, try and just support her through the process and ditch the drama.

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5. Complain About your Outfit

Yes it’s probably a dress you’d never go for and yes wearing your hair that way makes you self-conscious, but it’s only one day of your life. Your bride has probably planned this event for months and that includes the overall look of her bridesmaids. Let it be, just try and enjoy it!


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