11 Things You Should Never Say To A Bride If You Value Your Friendship

Wedding planning can be stressful, so much so it can transform even the most laid back bride into the unspeakable Bridezilla if you aren’t careful. To ensure this doesn’t happen, never, ever say these 11 things to a bride.

1. How much is it costing you?

The price of a wedding is something that should ever be discussed with a bride who is more likely than not, fitting her dream wedding into a not-so-dreamy budget. Unless she’s open about the financial cost of the wedding, best to avoid asking.

2. Your dress looks…um

Follow the proverb: ‘If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all’. A bride’s choice in dress is based on her personality and one that she emotionally connects with. By judging her dress, you’re judging her personally.

11 Things you Should Never Say to a Bride 2

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3. Wow that’s tacky

Even if you feel that the brides over-the-top, gold-foiled, hand-written bridal suite is the tackiest thing you have ever seen, don’t say it. It’s offensive at best. Tacky or not it’s her choice, not yours.

4. You’re picking those colours/flowers?

Colours and flowers are important elements that make up the overall theme of a wedding. A bride’s choice of colour scheme or flowers is dictated by many factors including: the season, the venue, her dress or sentimental meaning. Yellow might not be your favourite colour, but it speaks of nothing but happiness to her, so best not to comment on.

5. You’ve got too much makeup on, you don’t look like yourself

Commenting on the bride’s makeup is a total faux pas, especially if she is happy with it. It’s her wedding day and if she wants to transform herself into someone completely different she should have that creative authority.

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6. Wow have you been stress eating?

Discussing a woman’s weight is discouraged at all times, not to mention before her wedding day. She’s either very content with the way her body looks or she’s extremely self-conscious about it. In any case commenting on a bride’s weight is terribly offensive.

7. Did you know half of all marriages end in divorce?

Thank you for that terribly uncomfortable statistic. Just because the institute of marriage doesn’t sit well with you does not give you the right to share that with a bride that is about to enter into one of the biggest decisions of her life. If she’s happy, you should be happy!

8. Stop stressing

The stress of a wedding can make a bride feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Telling her not to stress is not going to make her stress less. Try to offer some supportive advice or ask her what’s troubling her and whether you can assist in anyway.

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9. It’s a minor detail, no one will even notice

To a bride, every little detail counts! It makes up the bigger picture, and to her, making sure everything works harmoniously together is of utmost importance. Just because no one else will notice something doesn’t mean it won’t bother her when she sees it.

10. You booked a trip there for your honeymoon! Isn’t it monsoon season?

The bride and groom have been dreaming of jetting off together on their honeymoon for months. Don’t spoil it with your negativity.

11. You’re dress isn’t white?

A colour of a bride’s dress has very little reflection of her purity. She could wear a navy dress and still look like a bride. The colour of her wedding dress will most likely be chosen to enhance her complexion. Regardless of what colour she wears, if she’s happy she will glow.

11 Things you Should Never Say to a Bride 4

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