What to Do When Your Friends Don’t Approve of Your Fiancé

It can be super awkward when you discover your girl-squad disapproves of your fiancé. To ensure you’re not stuck in the middle when it comes to having everyone under the same roof, here are a couple of things you can do to help smooth things over.

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Let’s Have a Friendly Chat

Try to get a better understanding of why your friends disapprove – don’t forget they do have your best interest at heart, and sometimes just feel you deserve better. Who knows, having a friendly chat might open their eyes to something they’ve never seen/thought about your partner. By expressing your feelings to them, see if you can change their minds a little or at least have them respect your decision.

The Circle of Truth

Although it may be a little awkward at first, you need to be surrounded by your fiancé and friends at the same time. We know it’s hard to avoid, and everyone needs to talk about the pink elephant in the room, especially once in a serious relationship. You don’t need to force a bond between them, but a small chat can go a long way in forming a respectful relationship. Do they have anything in common?

The Outsider-In

Try getting the opinion of someone you trust, someone who won’t be biased when it comes to solving the issue. Mums are always a good option, but it helps to go even further from our comfort zone, perhaps a councillor or relationship expert who has experience dealing with situations and relationships such as this.

The Light of Positive

While it may seem intense that there’s someone out there who doesn’t approve of your relationship, don’t ever let it ruin the bond between you and your fiancé. Make the best out of it, remember, you’re the one in a relationship with your significant other, not everyone else. It’s your love life, so keep it that way (and be positive!)

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