7 Steps to Perfecting the Ring Selfie

Out of all the selfies hovering about the social-sphere the ‘ring selfie’ is the best of the best. It’s only natural for a bride to want to share pictures of her ring to the world and we’re not complaining! But before you take to social media here are 7 steps you must take to create the perfect ring selfie.

1. Get the light right

Like all selfies natural light is the most flattering. Go outside (or to a nearest window) and let your rock sparkle perfectly in the sunlight.


2. Get those nails done

You don’t want everyone to be distracted by your chipped polish and dry hands. If the proposal has caught you (and your nails) off guard, hold off on the ring selfie until you can get your hands in order. Alternatively, get creative and hold your partner’s hand – cutesy and disguises your nails.

3. Know your angles

Well, your ring’s angles. Play around with the angle so it shows off the style and cut of your ring and allows the light to reflect off it playfully.


4. Take note of background

Take advantage of the location your fiancé picked for the proposal and be aware of what lies in the background. The last thing you want is something less than perfect in your frame (like a rubbish bin!). We recommend choosing something clean, uncluttered and relating to your personal style.

5. Avoid the zoom

Trying to get super up close and personal can result in a blurry mess of a photo. And blurry images don’t sparkle. Instead of using the zoom function bring the camera closer to your hand.


6. Get the pose right

As well as the lighting, angle and background make sure you have the pose down pat. Try to keep it natural and relaxed – the more relaxed you are the nicer your hands will look and the less staged it will look.

7. Edit right

Don’t overdo it with the editing functions, just a few touch ups are fine. But make sure you take as many shots as you can and edit through them until you find the perfect one – yes one – it’s more romantic that way.

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