Gattea Jewellers: The Go-To Jewellers for Your Engagement Ring

After you’ve fallen madly, deeply in love, the obvious next step is the engagement … And what’s an engagement without a dream proposal sealed with the perfect ring?

If anybody knows what their talking about when it comes to engagement rings, it’s the team at Gattea Jewellers, who have been handcrafting jewellery for over four generations.

We sat down with Gattea owners Heba and Noah, who filled us in on all the behind the scenes action that goes into crafting that perfect piece of jewellery.

“One thing most people don’t know about the jewellery making process is the amount of effort that’s involved in the selection process , travelling half way around the world and filtering through millions of dollars worth of gems to find the right one , it’s exciting and nerve racking at the same time.”

One of the most craziest designs they’ve ever crafted were a pair of dramatic chandelier diamond earrings. And these were far from your ordinary chandelier earrings. In fact, the piece was commissioned specifically to be worn at an ‘invitation only’ ball hosted by her Majesty’s the Queen of England!

“They were a elaborate set of earrings that were embellished with over 500 diamonds perfectly arranged. It took over 100 hours to complete.”

If there’s one piece of advice Heba and Noah would give to couples, it’s to come in without having made an exact choice of ring style. “Gattea welcomes clients to ” A DIAMOND EXPERIENCE ™”, this means we want them to enjoy the journey to find that perfect ring.”


One of the most memorable reactions they’ve ever received after revealing the finished ring for the groom to propose to his wife to be, was a hand kiss!  “The groom to be was so happy with the ring that he locked his eyes onto Noah’s and awkwardly grabbed his hand and kissed it , a very godfather moment indeed!”

And when it comes to what’s trending right now, it’s currently all about rose gold, colour gems and finer detailed halo settings inspired by deco eras. We love these trends!

Gattea Jewellers Showroom is located in Macarthur Square and with over four generations in the industry, expertise, trust and a designer flair are the pillars of which the Gattea Ancestory have crafted their reputation on. As well as fancy shaped and coloured diamonds, they have an array of exotic gemstones and fine jewellery pieces displayed proudly in the Macarthur Square Showroom.

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