7 Wedding Clichés You Should Avoid

Some Wedding traditions really should have died out by now but much like a cold you can’t get rid of, they have an annoying tendency to stick around. Cliché is a word that certainly no Bride wants on the tongue of her guests, so take heed and think twice before including one of these in you Big Day.

Although if there are wedding clichés you really love but think that it might be too cheesy, go for it anyway!

1. A Conga Line

This is a Wedding Tradition that most certainly should have died out in the 90’s but still makes the occasional, odd and annoying appearance. If your having trouble getting your guests to dance at your wedding, be patient, ply them with some more drinks or change up the tunes, just do not try to do the Congo Line.


2. Overplayed Music

This is probably the most common cliché that Brides fall victim to. If you have a particular fondness for a certain overused song like At Last and want to include it in your wedding but all means its your day. It is however worth trying to think a little bit more outside the box. Be a rebel and break from the norm!

3. Cake Smear

Your hair is a work of art, your make up is flawless, your dress is pristine, utterly perfect, why on earth would you enjoy getting a piece of cake smashed into your face. For those Brides who find this irresistibly endearing, good for you, but for the rest of us, this is one wedding tradition no one will think less of you if you give it a big fat miss!

4. Inappropriate Speeches

A speech laden with sexual innuendos, embarrassing stories with perhaps some compromising photos as props, delivered by a more than a little intoxicated best man. This all may have been funny once but now its becoming so painfully unoriginal, it makes for a cringe worthy cliché.

5. Fake Tan

If you have been pale every other day of your life, your guests most certainly know this, don’t choose your wedding day of all days to suddenly try going 5 shades darker.


6. Last chance to run, ball and chain jokes

The man that wrote ‘help me’ on the back of his shoes as he was at the altar may have thought himself a comic genius and the literal thousands of men who have followed this example clearly thought so to. Now its common to see ‘last chance to run’ signs up the aisle and cake toppers with the bride literally dragging the groom. Such jokes have become not so much funny now as tacky.

7. Trash the dress shoots

Ladies I know your not going to wear your wedding dress again anytime soon but this doesn’t necessarily justify destroying it. You could always donate it to someone who can’t afford one or make it into christening gowns. If you have a unshakable desire to jump in the ocean, throw paint at or roll around in the mud in your wedding dress, by all means its yours, but you don’t need to document the experience its all been done before.


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