Engagement Rings that Aren’t Diamonds

Did you know the idea of an engagement ring specifically being a diamond ring is a new one. It was only due to an extremely shrewd and persistent marketing ploy launched by the De Beers company in the 1930s that the idea of a diamond engagement ring became accepted as the social norm. Before that, a diamond was just one of many choices available to couples.

The decades long Mad Man style publicity campaign sought to associate diamonds with love and romance — a sentiment that certainly seems to have stuck. The campaign sought to convince the public that diamonds were not just a good choice for an engagement ring they were the only choice. This is of course not true, there are many wonderful alternatives to the diamond available.

So, if bling is not your thing, and you’d prefer a non traditional engagement ring, consider these beautiful alternatives to the traditional diamond.


A gemstone is a great alternative choice. You can choose a gemstone that is of particular significance to your girlfriend such as her birthstone or any stone that you know that she particularly likes. Ruby, sapphire, emerald, there are plenty of wonderful choices to pick from.

tourmaline ring

Image via: KL Diamonds

gattea jewellers

Image via: gattea jewellers

blue saphire ring

Image via: briliantearth.com

Pearl ring

The only organic gem in the world pearls are one of natures little gifts. Pearl engagement rings are beautiful and elegant and make a wonderful alternative to diamonds.

pearl engagement ring

Image via: aelida.com

pearl ring

Image via; aelida.com

Family heirloom

Handing down a ring that has sentimental value is a lovely and touching idea. Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with his mother Dianas engagement ring. If you want to roll old school style handing down a family heirloom is certainly a great idea.

Kate Middleton engagement ring

Image via: eat-gallery.myshopify.com

A knot

Perfect for a women of simple tastes.

knot engagement ring

Image via; weddbook.com

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