7 Signs He’s Gonna Put A Ring On It

You know that scene in Bride Wars where Liv finds her hidden engagement ring, rushes to her boyfriend’s work and proposes to him?

Yeah, that’s not desperate, it’s called “we just want to start planning our weddings at the Plaza.”

Bride Wars

We’ve uncovered 7 signs that he’s about to propose – that way he doesn’t freak out when you show up at his office with a ring he thought he hid well.

Disclaimer: if none of these hints are apparent in your relationship, chuck a Liz.

1. They’ve Stopped Dismissing Your Hints

When they don’t get annoyed anymore at your constant tagging of Wedded Wonderland’s Instagram pictures, they might just be stopping the eye rolling and starting the note-taking.

2. You’re In The Future Picture

Met the cousin’s in-laws nephew? Is your partner’s mum your FB friend? Do his friends treat you like the real deal? When you’ve infiltrated the circle that is his family and friends and won their hearts like the star you are, you’re here for the long haul. Soon enough your partner will start talking about life plans with you at the centre – Harry and Meghan’s wedding bells aren’t the only ones ringing.

3. They’re Working Overtime

Sweetie, that Kim Kardashian-inspired ring you want is gonna take some time to save up for. So, if they’re not over all the time anymore or sound tired on the phone every time you call, don’t worry! It’s probably because they’re saving up for your big, bright future.

4. Your Partner Is Organising An Overseas Trip

Most likely, you’re not accompanying him on a business trip to Santorini. One of the most popular ways to propose is on vacation. So, if he’s taking the reigns on planning the trip and he’s packing his own bags for once – this might just be a sign.


5. Someone Books You A Manicure Appointment

Word on the street is that boyfriends are increasingly using your friends to their advantage when preparing a proposal. Obviously a crucial part of the proposal is the state of your nails, so when your best friend is pushing you to get a manicure before Saturday date night, the time may have officially arrived.

6. Affirmation

Figuring out your ring size? Taking a trip down memory lane? Mentioning your favourite colours and flowers? These are all clues that your S.O. is confirming all the finer details to make sure the moment is perfect and everything you have dreamt of. Make sure you’re reinforcing all of these clues because, you know, a bit of confidence wouldn’t hurt the guy!

7. Your Family And Friends Get Excited Every Time You Call

Sure, your family is always happy to hear from you. But when they know a proposal is underway, anticipation and excitement take over every time you call! After all, you’re not the only one excited about the next wedding everyone will be celebrating.


Written by Shaymah Alkhair

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