Our Favourite Celebs Are Setting the Trend for 2018 Engagement Rings

As new trends begin and preferences change, engagement ring styles continually evolve to keep up. Of course, celebrity engagements play a big part in which style of ring will rule the year – something we’ve seen most recently with Meghan Markle and her unique engagement ring.

Aris Arzumanian of Armans Fine Jewellery in Sydney’s CBD has seen a number of styles come and go, but suggests we look to the stars to stay on top of what’s trending for engagement rings in 2018.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds saw a huge jump in popularity following Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s engagement, with Armans receiving many clients asking for the same style but on a smaller scale.

Kim’s ring cost an estimated $8 million (and affectionately had the word ‘Adidas’ engraved onto it after Kanye closed a deal with the brand). Made from a 15-carat cushion cut diamond, the ring was one of the pieces stolen from Kim during the Paris robbery in 2016. While most women seeking a similar style won’t be indulging in the same carats, the ring’s delicate pave band and floating-on-air appearance make it a popular style to emulate.

The romantic style of the cushion cut also lends to its popularity, as its antique cut gives it another level of elegant sophistication.

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Oval-Shaped Diamonds

Regal, feminine, and classic; the oval engagement ring has enjoyed greater popularity thanks to the likes of Kate Middleton and Blake Lively. Throughout the years that he has been working as a jewellery connoisseur, Aris says that Blake’s engagement ring was the biggest trendsetter of all time.

“I have never seen a diamond being enquired about so much in my life! The oval diamond marked a great start for women who are on the journey to finding the perfect engagement ring.”

Blake’s rose gold 12-carat oval diamond ring is one of our favourite styles of ring, thanks to its romantic mixture of colour and cut. Meanwhile, Kate’s impressive 12-carat blue Ceylon sapphire engagement ring is another for both its colour and its history as one of Princess Diana’s jewels.

Pear-Shaped Diamonds

Pear-shaped diamond rings are a timeless choice that never go out of style; which is why they remain so popular. Paris Hilton most recently donned her own pear-shaped engagement ring, worth $2 million and featuring a 20-carat diamond.

Pear-shaped rings are also a versatile style, able to suit classic, vintage, and modern settings while also accommodating side stones. The distinctive teardrop shape makes pear-shaped engagement rings a standout choice, as well as the perfect diamond for bolder settings, like double shank bands and pave halos.

Three Stone Ring

Since debuting her royal ring to the world, Meghan Markle’s unique choice of rock has sent people scurrying to jewellers with pictures, asking for the exact same style.

While trilogy rings have never been the most common of styles, Meghan’s choice has sent them through the roof, with even the official jeweller to the Royal family banning the recreation of the ring after being inundated with requests.

With stones sourced from Botswana and Princess Diana’s personal collection, the ring is truly unique and creates a nice blend of subtlety and glamour.


While Meghan’s trilogy ring is enjoying its current popularity and classic styles like the pear and cushion cut seem to never leave the spotlight, Aris believes we’ll be seeing one diamond style rise to the top of 2018.

“2018, in my opinion, will still be all about the oval diamond … but we will have to wait and see!”

To discover which engagement ring styles you’ll fall in love with, schedule a consultation with the leading Sydney jewellers— the Armans Family.

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