How To Avoid Looking Like A Sweaty, Oily Mess On Your Wedding Day

You’ve invested plenty into making sure your wedding day is perfect, so you don’t want to see it all come crashing down thanks to a little too much sunlight and weak air conditioning.

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As it turns out, women also sweat, and I mean sweat – no glow, shimmer, or sparkle here. If you’ve chosen to have your wedding during the summer months, knowing full well that your body is no stranger to sweating, we applaud your bravery and we’re here to help.

We spoke to Melissa Sassine of Melissa Sassine Makeup and Cosmetics and Dodie Jay, head stylist and bridal consultant at Natalie Anne Hair about how best to work around the heat of the day and keep you looking fresh. You can catch both Melissa and Natalie at The Bridal Bazaar on June 12th 2018. Tickets are available here.


Photo-ready makeup is a must for your wedding day, but a hot day can mean the risk of having half your face melt off. Melissa advises that brides who have an outdoor wedding in the hotter months avoid wearing too much makeup as there is less of a chance of separation between skin and makeup.

For brides, Melissa suggests the use of the Dual Face Powder compact – a 2-in-1 foundation and powder that works for all skin types. You can use a brush for a dry face and a sponge for an oily one, though Melissa uses this as a final base coat as it can also go on top of liquid or cream foundation without creating fine lines.

Of course, technique is important and Melissa says there’s only one thing that needs to be followed when it comes application, especially for hotter days.

“The key trick is to never wipe and only to blot with a sponge. Blotting sheets do nothing, you need something denser.”

For oily skin types, it’s best to use a dampened sponge and only pat, dab, and be delicate. Makeup can be waterproof and smudge proof, as long as you do not wipe.

Skin prep is also important and Melissa recommends the use of skincare products the night before your wedding instead of the morning of. However, if you do use product on the day, a light gel face mask is best. For the night before, she suggests anything brightening or lifting to hydrate the skin.


The first idea that comes to mind for a summer’s day hairstyle is an updo, so if you’re a bride who really prefers to let their hair down (that goes for partying too) it’s probably best to avoid a summer wedding. Dodie says it’s best to style your hair up for a hot day, with a range of sleek looks that you can pull off.

“You can’t go wrong with a knot. It’s chic and effortless and can be tailored to suit any girl,” says Dodie. “Otherwise, a more playful and undone style would be a ponytail. You can consider different hair parts or facial framing to change the look. Don’t be afraid to add accent braids or twists.”

With a mixture of moisture and heat from the day, frizz can be a major concern. Dodie says that preparation is key, suggesting brides wash and dry their hair the night before so that it has time to settle. It’s also important to avoid prepping hair with “weighty” products as they have more of a moisturising effect.

“My go-to blow-dry cream is the Natalie Anne Monaco Beach Resort Kit Climax Blowout Cream. It’s almost like an oil-free moisturiser that helps combat frizz without adding too much weight to your hair, so you can apply it to your hair before blow-drying.”

She also recommends lightweight “dry” products that absorb moisture and add volume, including the NA-S1 New Heights Dry Volumising Powder. For a finishing touch, she recommends Joico Humidity Blocker Finishing Spray to help seal your hair and lock in any frizz before using hairspray, and for extra security, Ouai Anti-Frizz Sheets.


Staying hydrated is the ultimate key, so if you’re prone to excessive sweating, you’ll need to drink more water than most. Mix in the lack of food from the excitement of the day and you’re at risk of getting lightheaded fast, so have your maid-of-honour or bridesmaids in charge of having water handy.

You’ll also need some clinical-strength deodorant, so choose wisely – something unscented and aluminium-free so as to avoid any awkward yellow lines and marks on your white dress. Finally, a light mist can do you no wrong, so keep a small bottle, like Avène Thermal Spring Water, nearby. If you want a fuss-free alternative, just add a few drops of peppermint oil to a small spray bottle before getting ready (it’s cooling and soothing).

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