Here’s How to Plan a Dreamy Wedding in 30 Days

A wedding is as multifaceted as the love story it represents—no two journeys are ever exactly the same. While some couples may deem the perfect wedding to be a destination affair with hundreds of guests and fixed well over a year in advance, others may favor spontaneity and a stripped-down, crafty approach.

To couples that find themselves needing to plan a wedding in a month or less, know that it can be stress-free—there are definitely ways to make it work. Ahead, 10 tips to help your planning process, to be taken one step at a time.

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How to Plan a Wedding in 30 Days

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1. Set a budget.

Money is just like energy—you must be aware of how much you’re able to expend. Upon determining your budget, you’ll be able to break it down into parts, and assign essential vendors their portions. The budget will also help you filter your options, significantly simplifying the process.

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2. Block in non-negotiable elements, and do away with the rest.

One month doesn’t give you much time to daydream about all possible wedding configurations, so it’s best to list down your must-haves off the top of your head. If you don’t feel particularly strong about certain items, kick them off the list and reallocate budget and effort into aspects you really want to keep.

3. Decide if you’ll hire a wedding planner who specializes in last-minute organization.

Speaking of non-negotiables, you must decide whether you’ll contract a wedding coordinator who knows the process inside and out, and has the experience and network to expedite the whole thing. This depends on the first step—your budget—and whether you’ve deemed a planner as a must-have. If you end up securing a planner, you’ll surely have an easier time on your hands, but, of course, it’s all up to you.

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4. Consider non-traditional, pre-decorated venues, and trust your gut in identifying the best deal.

To save on intense decor and event design, look into venues that don’t need much of a makeover. Maybe you can find a venue that has a spectacular Japanese garden and koi pond for dreamy photos, or a quirky creative hub that’s a cute cross between a cafe and art gallery. Such personality-filled spaces are attractions on their own, unlike bare ballrooms that unquestionably need an overhaul.

These non-traditional venues are also more likely to be owned by individual entrepreneurs, as opposed to chain hotels run by multinational corporations. This way, there is a higher chance of you forming a relationship with the managers of the space, leading to better communication and possibly bargains, flexible arrangements, and personal touches, such as practical furniture and decor, which you then won’t have to procure from scratch.

Also, given your limited time frame, you’ll have to decide on a venue quicker. Instead of canvassing tens of options, pick a handful and promptly select the top contender from there.

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5. Book essential vendors as soon as possible.

A disaster situation: booking a venue and sending out invitations, only to find out that no photographers, videographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, and performers are available on your chosen date. It’s crucial to book vendors as soon as you have a range of dates and locations in mind—the earlier you reach out to them, the better!

6. Trim down the guest list.

A smaller guest list means a cozier venue, a more manageable headcount for catering, and less RSVP texts to keep you hanging. Make a list of people you absolutely need to be with on your special day, and formulate little rules for filtering: i.e. no kids below a certain age, no plus ones, and more.

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7. Go for practical catering.

When in doubt, go for food that’s familiar, hearty, fairly easy to transport, and comes in manageable portions. Not all guests want a gourmet dinner of curious recipes—you can fall back on old classics that’ll get gobbled up fast. Besides, an under-discussed aspect of weddings is the post-party logistics—dealing with buffet food waste is a major concern, especially if you want to keep your event as sustainable and efficient as possible.

8. Buy attire off-the-rack and invest in special accessories.

Instead of getting your wedding clothes customized, just get garments off the rack, and treat yourself to classy shoes and jewelry that’ll serve as wearable keepsakes of your special day.

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9. When in doubt, go digital.

Save on production time and swap physical invitations for digital ones. Instead of souvenirs like tableware and various trinkets, go for an exclusive cloud of photos that the guests can later use for content. The possibilities are wide—you just have to get creative!

10. Involve trusted loved ones in minor aspects of the wedding.

All hands on deck! For speedy preparations, delegate fun, simple tasks like the creation of a dinner playlist or a photo slideshow to your nearest and dearest.

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Needless to say, every version is valid and perfect in its own way, because, at the end of the day, what matters most is the couple’s happiness. After all, the wedding is the opening ceremony of a joyful, lifelong union whose longevity far outlives the happy particulars of a single day.

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