A Guide to Planning A Weekday Wedding

A Weekday wedding has become very popular in recent times, as a result of the COVID pandemic, with limited availability for weekend weddings due to very high demand, booking a weekday wedding is a great way to tie the knot sooner!

While Wednesday might be the new Saturday, Weekday weddings definitely come with some crucial differences and we’ve put together a guide to seamlessly planning your weekday wedding.

Invites should be sent out (way!) earlier

One of the biggest challenges you may face when choosing a weekday wedding is that many of your guests may not be able to attend, due to working and study commitments. However, this may be all the more reason to have a small intimate wedding with your absolute must-have guests in attendance. We recommend sending a save-the-date at least 6-8 months before your big day and the formal invitation at least 3-4 months prior so that it becomes easy for them to create time and plan.

The end time should be a little earlier

Considering your event is in the middle of the week, guests may need to leave earlier than normal if they have work the next day and need some time to recover!

Plan your timeline precisely

Since your event may end a little earlier than normal, ensuring your timeline is precise and each segment of the wedding is shortened is key to a successful evening. You’ll want to pack in as much experience in this shorter amount of time so making sure everyone involved in your wedding is across this is super important. The most important part of how to plan a weekday wedding is the timeline.

Consider A Late Afternoon Ceremony

Try planning your wedding timeline a little differently, head out for your professional photos in the morning, followed by a late afternoon ceremony. That way more guests may be able to attend if they only have to take off half a day instead of a full day of work.

Source: Erin & Tara

Show Your Appreciation

Guests attending a mid-week wedding have had to do some extra planning and changes to attend your Special Day, so don’t forget to show your appreciation and love with perhaps a small but thoughtful gift!

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