Here’s Where You Can Shop for a Last-Minute Wedding Dress

Designer Megan Ziems is dedicated to infusing heart, soul, originality, and authenticity into every gown she created. Consequently, these values have become the cornerstones of her bridal line, bringing in passionate brides whose hearts burn bright like a flame. Grace Loves Lace brides are determined and headstrong in what they want. They are efficient and decisive, making Megan’s job as the designer a breeze.

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What’s more, Grace Loves Lace will come to your rescue if you’re about 10 weeks out from your big day and you still haven’t found your perfect dress!

Grace Loves Lace can work within tight time frames. If the luxury of time is not an option in finding the dress, Grace Loves Lace can deliver. With Megan’s design expertise and efficient craftsmanship, you can have your wedding gown perfected before your big day with time to spare. Alternatively, they have a wide array of ready-to-wear dresses if you’re incredibly pressed for time.

Why brides choose Grace Loves Lace to make their wedding gowns

  1. The designer is a steward of women’s bodies and honors their comfort. As Megan strongly explains, “You can have luxury and comfort. It’s 2023, and women should celebrate their bodies, not restrict or manipulate them into rigid, corseted gowns. We want to see women feeling comfortable, confident, relaxed, and free to move!”
  2. Grace Loves Lace is highly inclusive and celebratory of women’s shapes and sizes. Megan emphasizes that their dress construction and stretch designs can accommodate sudden weight fluctuations. But all in all, they pride themselves for their “inclusive designs, [where] brides can feel confident and beautiful, regardless of their size.”
  3. Unlike adhering to strict body type guidelines, Megan believes in celebrating individuality: “I don’t like to pigeonhole body shapes to styles because even if you technically have a certain body type, your features, skin, muscle tone, and proportions are all incredibly different. Rules are not relevant here.”
  4. She also adds that evoking emotion and feeling a connection is her utmost goal in every bridal dress she makes. Grace Loves Lace stands out not only for its designs but also for its genuine care, ethical production, and commitment to minimizing waste.

Ready to make your dream wedding gown into a reality? Request a virtual appointment with Grace Loves Lace here or visit one of their showrooms worldwide. For the full list of their locations, click here.

Know what you want already? Browse and shop their current collections at

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