15 Unique Baby Names Inspired by Nature

Whether you think your daughter is as beautiful as precious Jade, or your son is as strong as a Phoenix rising from the ashes, you’ll find inspiration in these baby names inspired by natural wonders. Here are some of our favourite nature-inspired baby names for girls and boys to get you started.


 Nature Baby Names



Becoming more popular by the minute, Acacia means ‘guileless’ in Greek and is a wonderful option for parents looking for a trendy yet everlasting name.


If your daughter was born during Autumn, make it easy! Always the subject of many poems, the season is a fabulous nature-inspired girl’s name.


No, we’re not talking about the television show, the name Blossom is making a comeback into the 21st Century. It means ‘to grow in all its glory’, just as your daughter will.


A unique and different name, Chrysanthe means ‘flower of gold’, and is an exotic spin with an amazing meaning.


A reef is a wonder of nature, but combined with Coral, its a natural beauty! The name isn’t just a pretty face, and also refers to the colour coral.


Gaia, another name for our beautiful planet, comes from Greek origins. This name is perfect for connecting your daughter to the old-world elements of nature.


The delicate Ivy plant is known for its beauty and elegance. As a name, Ivy reflects simplicity.


Jade is a precious gemstone, as is your daughter, right? A simple name with a pleasant and down-to-earth meaning.


Benton, meaning ‘bent grass settlement’, is also the name of cartoon character ‘Ben 10’, which was a hit children’s series across the world.


The name Phoenix refers to the mythical bird that rises from its ashes, but can also mean ‘dark crimson’. Whatever the definition, this name is literally to die for (and then some!).


The name river is fresh and simple, reflecting the flow of life and the ocean. For a baby boy, it is a name that shows endless love!


Sparrow, the lovable, vivacious bird is a cute name for a cute boy. The title has become extremely rare so take this unique opportunity!


Birch is a rarely used nature name that calls to mind the lovely image of the tall, strong but graceful white-barked tree.


Canyon is a unique name, making it an intriguing new word-name. This Spanish name means a rocky hill and is known more from the Grand Canyon.


Sounds similar to Kodak? Well, kind of. Kodiak is a Russian name for the Kodiak Islands of the US and is a very rare name up for grabs.


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