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It was a Wednesday afternoon and the Wedded Wonderland office is (for once) reasonably quiet.

We had an epiphany – what would you do if your partner was allergic to the one thing you love? And no we don’t mean your Mother-in-Law. I mean dogs. Excuse me whilst I get emotional thinking about it *forms a pool of tears*

Would you leave him or her? Would you study medicine for 100 years (we like exaggerating) and come up with a solution for their allergy? Would you sacrifice what you love and cry yourself to sleep every night?

I personally have not experienced this nightmare but here is my take on what I would do:

1. See a Vet/Doctor for potential allergy medicine (aka bribe the doctor with money and the vet with treats for anything and everything possible)

2. Look into other options such as a cat (but let’s be honest, cats are the hot, but crazy  girlfriends of the animal world)

3. Look into hairless dogs (please don’t wax or laser your current dog – you will not hear the end of it from PETA and myself)

4. Convince a friend or family member to buy a dog who you can then visit without your partner (this does not mean knocking on their door at 3am for some puppy lovin’)

5. OR – brace yourself – break up with him or her.

What would you do?


1How I am with my dog vs how I am with my Partner

2How I am with my dog vs how I am with my Partner


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