Come on Fairies, you know how it goes. ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something …’ so damn fresh it’ll blow this colourful tradition right out of the water.

So why blue?!

Prior to the late 19th century, blue (not white) was actually the preferred colour for brides on their wedding day. Its connotations with the Virgin Mary and her depiction in Christian art granted the colour a symbolic meaning of purity and fidelity.

To honour this age old tradition on your big day, we’ve put together a list of our go-to something blues. The options are endless!

 1. Tattoo It

…even just temporarily.

tattooImage from My Stylish Dream and Tattly.

2 Statement Shoes

Because even Dorothy got to have her ruby reds, right?

shoesImage from Badgley Mischka and Panache Bridal Shoes.

3. Wedding gown

Get your Cinderella on and opt for a coloured gown.

paoloImages from Paolo Sebastian.

4. Hidden messages

Embroidered words in the folds of your dress or hidden messages on the soles of your feet… Can it seriously get any cuter?

hiddenImage from Sophia Webster.

5. Clutches

Blue-toned clutches can be a subtle nod to tradition (and you’ll them long after the Big Day is over)!

clutchImage from Roman and French and The Daily Edited.

6. Bridesmaids

Or better yet, let your bridesmaids be the perfect markers in this colour story!

bridesmaids Images from Goddess by Nature.

7. Groomsmen

Why not get your groomsmen in on the act with navy suits or boutonnieres?

groomImage from Fleurs France and Alex Goodman.

8. Flower Girls

Just when you thought tiny little tutus couldn’t get any cuter, they make them in powder blue!

flowergirlImage from Tutu Du Monde.

9. Bouquet

Think bright blooms or even jewel tone hues to brighten up your bouquet.

flowerImage from Wedding Window and Renee Fontana.

 10. Invitations

A gorgeous blue design is a sure way to make your wedding invites stand out.

11. Makeup

A light dusting of eyeshadow in the right shade can be just enough to add a pop of colour to your make up.

makeupImage from Colorissimo.

12. Rock It

If diamonds really are a girl’s best friend, it can’t hurt to add some blue ones to the collection right?

ringImage from Matthew Ely.

13. Accessorise

Add a blue accessory like a winter cape or a regal crown to make a bold statement.

capeImages from Paolo Sebastian and Aliexpress.

14. Cake

Umm blue cake? Yes please!

cakreImages from La Petite Pops.

15. Garter

These sweet blue garters are just too much.

garterImage from Etsy.

16. Lingerie

This one all depends on the dress… but who said your something blue can’t also be your little secret?

lingerieImage from Pleasure State.

17. Décor

From centrepieces to napkins, your décor could be the perfect way to weave some colour into your wedding.

decorImage from Tuffled Vintage.

18. Guestbook

There are so many creative options for guest books these days. So why not splash it with some blue and let your guests do the rest?

19. Mani Pedi

Let your nail art shine with some funky blue shades or a cute bridal mani.

nailsImage from Alyce Paris and Aelida.

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