Where To Buy Pink Diamond Engagement Rings In Sydney

Pink diamonds have had their (sparkling) moment in the sun for quite some time and for good reason. They’re not just instantly recognisable for their rosy hue but are one of the oldest and rarest diamonds you can wear.

To put their rarity into perspective, pink diamonds only make up 0.03 per cent of the world’s annual production of diamonds. Of that tiny percentage, between 80-90 per cent of those diamonds comes straight from the Argyle diamond mine in Kimberley, Western Australia. Break it down even further and only 5 per cent of the diamonds found in the mines are considered gem quality.

Though they come in a range of hues, from purplish pink straight through to striking reds, the light rose tones of most pink diamonds make them the perfect jewel to mix with plain diamonds as they provide a subtle contrast and something a little more exciting than your basic diamond.

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Via Diamond World Fine Jewellery

So, if you’re in the market for a pink diamond engagement ring or are currently rocking one on your finger, you’ve made a very good decision.

Diamond World Fine Jewellery stock a large range of pink diamonds, sourced exclusively from the Kimberley region in Western Australia. Their range includes rings in all styles, from pear to emerald to halo settings.

Visit Diamond World Fine Jewellery in store to shop their exclusive range of exquisitely-cut pink diamond rings.

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