10 Unique Ways To Propose

You don’t necessarily get a say in your proposal. When and where it happens traditionally hasn’t been up to the bride. So while you patiently wait for your day to come, we have created a list of different proposals to tie you over. Alternately, you could send this to your future husband boyfriend, and that should get things rolling.

These proposals range from the simple to the spectacular, but they are all unique and achievable with the right budget. Well, except 2 Chainz’s proposal to Kesha Ward at the Met Gala. A girl can only dream, right?

Here are ten unique ways to pop the question.

From The Air

The sky is the limit with this proposal. This one is a tad tricky to pull off, and you’ll need access to a deserted island and a light plane. If you have those things lying around then great, this might be the proposal for you. Lucky for Victoria’s Secret supermodel, Devon Windsor, her boyfriend had access to all those things because this was how she got proposed too.

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

They better make room in The Louvre because this proposal deserves to be admired by the millions. Proposal illustrations are a great way to have a tangible item from the day, apart from the big sparkly ring sitting on your ring (duh). There are plenty of talented illustrators on Instagram who will create custom artwork to help you pop the question. The best part about this proposal is that artwork can proudly hang in your home as a daily reminder of your love.

Puppy Love


Getting a dog together is an even bigger commitment than marriage, so why not make your furry friend a part of your question? If you’re the type of person who gets tongue-tied, let your four-pawed best man do all the talk and tail wagging for you. You could even pop a camera on their head to capture the moment from a unique angle.

Just Like In The Movies


Was your love story just like in the movies? Did your relationship blossom from a Netflix n Chill? Then this is the perfect proposal for you. While you grab the popcorn, he gets ready to pop the question. Request a private screening of your favourite movie or find an old-school cinema that will let you hijack their signage for the day. If you have the acting ability and Hollywood budget, why not slip the question into your own film! It will undoubtedly receive an Oscar nomination.

Pizza Marry Me?


When the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie, that’s amore. Everyone knows that our first real love was pizza. Whether you opt for authentic wood-fired pizza or a five-dollar Domino’s, although we highly encourage the quality Italian stuff, this will result in a yes because he’s got a PIZZA of your heart.

The Meta Gala

If bae is chummy with Anna Wintour, this should be a piece of cake. Even though this isn’t a viable option for 99.99% of the population, it’s still nice to dream.

Love Is A Highway


If your relationship has been a bumpy road to this point, then use this proposal as a ride to your happily ever after. We are all familiar with the jaw-dropping car proposal that took social media by storm early in the year; this car boot proposal is just a subtler version. There is only so much surprise a girl can take in one day!

The Light of Your Life

We can’t imagine a more magical proposal. Let nature set the scene with the beautiful Northern Lights in Norway. What makes this proposal even more special is that the conditions have to be just right to see the lights. If that isn’t a sign that you two were meant to be together, we don’t know what is.

I Will Never Dessert You

If your sweetie has a sweet tooth, then surprise her with this dessert proposal. It’s the perfect ways to end a romantic candlelit dinner. Just make sure your dessert of choice won’t get the ring too sticky. We think this chocolate flower is a much safer option than the spectacular but messy chocolate bombs. There is also less chance of your loved one accidentally swallowing because nothing kills the passion like a trip to the ER.

Wine Not?

Finally, a drink that will make you giddy for all the right reasons. This clever boyfriend personalised his girlfriend’s favourite bottle of wine to help him ask the big question. The bottle had a special scratch panel to reveal the question ‘will you marry me?’. Best of all, the pair had the perfect drop on hand to toast the engagement.

Written by Sarah Mourtos

Cover photo by: @dkphotographyau


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