13 Something Blues for Your Wedding Day

You know that old rhyme, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?” Well, if you’re not aware of it, then you must literally be living under a rock because it’s been going on since forever. It’s a lovely tradition that brides have been sticking to since 1867, and you can’t deny that it’s pretty damn sweet.

If you’ve already got the old, the new, and the borrowed already figured out, but aren’t sure what to do for the blue, then take a look at this list we’ve put together. There are quite a few options, so we’re sure something here will catch your eye.


1. Garter

This one’s great for those of you who aren’t keen on having something very obviously blue. It’s a nice subtle touch that no one will even know about. Think of it as your little secret.


2. Manicure

A much more modern twist, why not go for a blue mani? Play around with the different shades of blue to find the perfect style for you.



3. Heels

We love a nice pair of heels that aren’t your traditional white. Sure, a blush pink is cute, but go for a blue heel to add that little bit of tradition. Plus, we’d like to think it’d be a much more versatile option to wear after your wedding.


4. Boutonnieres

Bring the blue to your groom and his men with a blue boutonniere. If you can’t find a blue flower to use, use blue ribbon, or some twine to wrap around the stems.

Something Blue
Image via Jessica Antola

5. Dresses and Suits

Can’t decide on a colour for your bridesmaids? Make your life easier and put your girls in a blue dress. We’re talking two birds with one stone here.

The same goes with the groomsmen. When it comes to men’s suits, things aren’t as basic as black and white anymore. There are a number of different options, and blue is definitely one of them. A deep navy is a great look that we know your man will look good in.

6. Jewellery

Accessorise on your special day with some gorgeous blue stones, like sapphire rings, blue drop earrings, and bracelets. Including some blue jewellery will give you that regal look, and will be very reminiscent of Meghan Markle

7. Lingerie

Slip on some blue lingerie for a blue that only you and your man will get to see. Choose a baby or sky blue set for that classic, innocent look, or go with a darker navy for something sexier.

Something Blue

8. Flower Girl

Your flower girls will undoubtedly look adorable in whatever you put them in, and they’re probably a lot less fussy over how they look. If your bridesmaids aren’t keen on the blue dresses, turn to your flower girls to let your blue imagination run wild.

something blue

9. Dressing Gown

Your wedding dress is already white with lace all over, right? So, why not mix it up with your dressing gown, and wear a soft blue lace or silk option. This definitely ticks the different box.

something blue

10. Bouquet

This is a pretty obvious choice, and not unlike your groom’s boutonniere. If you’re having a winter wedding, it’s a great opportunity to throw in some dark blues, but softer pastel blues will work well for a spring wedding too. You can also tie some blue ribbon around your bunch, or even add a blue brooch or clip. Nice and subtle.

something blue


11. Hair Accessories

Think Bride Wars here. No, not Kate Hudson’s blue hair, but that little blue hairpin. Adding accessories to your hair is so cute, and we honestly can’t get enough of them.

something blue

12. Get Sewing

Steve McQueen designer Sarah Burton sewed a little blue ribbon into Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, and if it’s fit for the future Queen, then do we really need to say more?

something blue

13. Wedding Dress

This one’s a big one. For all the ladies out there who love to stand out, ditch the classic white wedding dress, and wear a blue gown. It’d be a perfect mix of traditional and modern, and we totally dig all the Cinderella vibes.

Written by Hanan Merheb

Cover photo by @begitta

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