What Guests Secretly Want On Your Wedding Day

When planning your dream Wedding, it’s easy to get caught up in the glamour and fashion. And as we all may know, your Special Day will be recorded for judgment purposes.

When it comes to the Wedding reception, there are certain details which will always go unmentioned. The people you love and adore will usually yearn for something else. So how can we assist?

Of course, the wants and needs of a person are different but we’d like to share with you what your guests would secretly want on your Wedding Day!

The food

This is the biggest drama of all. It could also be something that tears relationships apart. From appetizers to the main course, your guests may feel satisfied or unimpressed by your options. We suggest an abundance of canapes to start. Nothing is better than filling up every guest’s tummy as they walk in to await your arrival.

wedding food

Image via Nicole and Raymond’s Wedding

Always think ‘more food, less moaning’.

Free alcohol

It’s true. The best things in life are free. Why not provide a complimentary bar of beverages for your guests while they sing and dance to your happiness. Treat them, thank them and buy them a drink!

Keep it short

Weddings can be an occasional yet extremely long day. Wedding guests don’t mean to rush but when it comes to the reception, how late do you intend to be? Yes, we’ve heard the expression, ‘fashionably late’, though if your already fashionable, whats really the point.

Directions from the church to the venue can be a daunting adventure. Providing your guests with a map might help solve that road rage complication.

Spend time with your guests

A crucial part of every brides day is the time she steps into the gaze of a million phone cameras! Always remember, your guests are here to see YOU.

miramare wedding

 Image via Nicole and Raymond’s Wedding

Spending time with them during the reception can assist with more photo opportunities and a reason for them to compliment every planned detail.

The entertainment

Wedding guests always need to be entertained. From a magician to a string quartet, there are many options to keep their eyes swinging throughout the night. Why not Brazilian dancers? Would certainly wake up that table by the kitchen!

marquee wedding

Image via Meghan and Robert’s Real Wedding

Gift from the heart

Your guests have spent good money to see this event, reward them with something special. A thank you card will ensure that you have received and acknowledged their gift. This will ease their minds while you spend that cash!

Welcome bags

A unique idea, welcome bags containing a sentimental key ring, bottle of water and a hangover cure for the ride home! This is fantastic for an outdoor summer wedding that your guests can have as a reminder of the eventful, though special day.

outdoor wedding

                                 Image via Caroline and Jake’s Wedding




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