The cutest most hilarious kids moments we’ve seen at Weddings

If your planning on having kids at your Wedding then be prepared, these little bundles of joy are just full of surprises. But let’s be honest, what would we do without them?

Here are some of the cutest and most hilarious kids moments we’ve seen at Weddings that are sure to keep you entertained.

1. It’s my Wedding too!

funny wedding kids

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This little girl steals a smooch from the ring bearer at her mums Wedding.

2. Sisterly Love

wedding photos kids funny

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I just love my sister soo much!!

3. Ahhh can I have some?

funny kids wedding

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Why are they smearing precious delicious cake over their faces, get it her mouth for gods sake and save some for the rest of us.

4. Food … Glorious Food

kids wedding funny

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Quit your yammering I’m trying to eat over here!!

5. Best Wedding dance ever

Watch this little girl shake her stuff like you’ve never seen before.

6. Just not feeling it

This is what happens when the child portion of you’re Wedding party just isn’t feeling the love.

7. This Royal Wedding business is a chore
funny kids wedding royal wedding


Why are all these people making so much bloody racket?

8. Nap time

funny wedding funny boy


Give the kid some credit, he made it through the ceremony at least.

9. Going for a ride!

What do you mean this wonderfully soft material is not for jumping on?

10. I don’t what you’re saying and I don’t care

wedding funny

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This wedding business is a bore. When is it time for cake?

11. Quick no one’s looking!

funny wedding kids

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Ahhh ID anyone?

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