7 Sophisticated Ways to Wear Gloves with Your Bridal Gown

Wedding gloves have since made a formidable comeback in 2022. Case in point: the irresistibly chic bridal look of Nicola Peltz, worn during her grand wedding to Brooklyn Beckham in April. Just a month after, Kourtney Kardashian similarly rocked a pair of fingerless gloves to her I-do with Travis Barker. Now, seeing the trend forecast for 2024, it seems like gloves are here to stay.

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Handwear can easily boost a simple bridal ensemble to stunning heights, upgrading it with uniqueness and bold glamor. No matter the style of your chosen wedding dress, you’ll certainly find a glove that will make you feel like a queen on your special day. 

For a quick guide to styling bridal gloves, read on ahead!

7 Ways to Style Wedding Gloves:

1. Wear a strapless gown whose neckline aligns with the starting point of the gloves.

This ensemble exudes a graceful elegance like no other. The continuity created by the neckline and gloves calls back to vintage dressing while maintaining a fresh, vogue appeal. Plus, the sleek lines and precise silhouette bring to mind the unforgettable charisma of Audrey Hepburn, who iconically wore fitted gloves in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

2. For a playfully sleek, contemporary outfit, team an off-shoulder wedding dress with cuffed gloves.

Not all bridal gloves have to be an opera length—a shorter number is still a strong accessory that’ll make your wedding look a cut above the rest. Opt for a contrast glove in mesh or a similar sheer fabric, and finish it off with satin cuffs.

3. When in doubt, go sheer!

The chic versatility of all things sheer has cemented the style as a bridal go-to. Sheer fabrics pair well with virtually anything, and effortlessly glam up a look without piling on visual bulk. Style a minimalist a-line dress with gem-studded gloves and exude modern glamor. Depending on the length of your dress, this look can be adapted for the courthouse, too!

4. Subvert daintiness with bold proportions: slip into slightly oversized gloves with a strikingly stylish combat feel.

In a world of diaphanous gloves doused in sparkle, utility handwear still holds its place as a statement-maker. For maximum contrast, team it with hyper feminine dresses in bushy tulle.

5. Enhance your bridal look with eye-catching knuckle-length lace gloves.

If you’re keen on incorporating a traditional bridal lace into your wedding look but want to keep things minimal, go for a lace accessory instead of a heavily embroidered gown. For example, don a satin slip with a cathedral-length train, and top it off with dreamy lace gloves. These add-ons, no matter how delicate and seemingly small, can radically transform the aura of your look for the better.

6. Match the gloves to the fabric of your wedding dress for a seamless aesthetic.

Full-length gloves pair naturally with princess-style gowns, even more so when they come in identical fabrics for that flawless finish. This beautiful ensemble is a top contender for formal weddings, and can easily be adjusted for afterparties—just swap out the ball gown with a mini skirt, and you’ll have an unforgettably chic reception dress that you’ll want to keep forever.

7. Spice up a simple wedding dress with statement-making embellished gloves.

Thinking of ways to incorporate adorable ornaments into your bridal ensemble? Look no further than a pair of gloves, which can offload some embellishments from your gown. That way, you can wear the simple, timeless dress of your dreams without compromising on spunk and personality. Check out gloves with ribbon cuffs, feathered garters, pearl details, glitter, rhinestones, embroidery, and the like.

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