10 Chic Wedding Dress Trends in 2024

The circular nature of fashion dictates that trends never really go away—they just orbit in and out of public fixation, getting deconstructed and remixed in the process. This was true for the 2024 Bridal Fashion Week, which observed a slew of familiar trends revisited, but given modern spins. Off-shoulder gowns were overwhelmingly present, outnumbering other styles like boat necklines, halter cuts, and v-necklines. Lace was also a favorite, except that this time around, the patterns were more dynamic, mixing large and small florals spread across the dress.

In this list, we dive into 10 bridal fashion trends that will be big in 2024. Scroll below and add more ideas to your inspiration board!

10 Wedding Dress Trends in 2024

1. Off-the-Shoulder Gowns

The top trend for 2024 is the off-shoulder gown, which features straps positioned below the shoulders. This dainty and regal neckline draws attention to the bodice, which becomes the focal point. Paired with this trend is the high-waisted cut: fitted construction shapes the waist, giving it a cinched look.

2. Colorful Florals

Next are colorful floral appliqués and ornaments. These true-to-life blooms integrate a bouquet into the dress, breathing color and sweetness into the bridal look. An alternative to 3D flowers are colored floral crystals, which exude mystique and drama.

3. Detachable Sleeves

If you feel like a strapless gown is too plain, adopt the detachable sleeves trend. These sleeves are, as the name suggests, separate from the gown, and fastened to the arms by way of a garter. Such sleeves can come in various styles, such as lacy flounce sleeves, puff sleeves, and ribboned cape variants.

4. Sheer Skirts

Past years observed the rise of lingerie-inspired dresses that featured corsets and shapewear construction, complete with boning and sheer lace. This 2024, it seems that sheer skirts are all the rage. Often paired with a high slit, this sultry style has semi-translucent skirts made of mesh, tulle or chiffon, baring the legs.

5. Strapless Ball Gowns in Ornate Lace

In the realm of strapless gowns, rhinestones and reflective sequins are taking a backseat to classic lace. However, on-trend lace seems to deviate from the traditional dense pattern. Instead, this lace type is less of a crowded flower bed and more porous, like lung tissue and other organic, natural formations. The gaps are larger and more breathable. The effect is still traditional, but packed with a subtle modern twist.

6. 1960s-Inspired Bridal Gloves

Glamorous gloves are making a strong comeback. Whether they be finger gloves or palm-grazing sheaths, the relatively simple accessory dramatically alters a bridal look, enhancing its formality and Old Hollywood-esque femininity.

7. Creative, Textured Necklines

Next up: geometric necklines that carve out an interesting focal point. Often seen on strapless and off-shoulder gowns, this style is unique without being kitschy, and gives brides a new avenue to convey creativity without departing too far from the usual bridal attire. Cleverly cut notches and wavy ridges are a treat to the eye, and make any dress stand out.

8. Bridal Separates

In our book, a trend that serves both style and function is a winner. Bridal separates or two-piece ensembles are making waves—all good news for the practicality-loving bride. Wear a cropped top with a tea-length skirt in lieu of a traditional dress, or don a structural blazer with a cascading skirt. Not only are separates versatile and endlessly re-wearable—they’re also more comfortable and adjustable.

9. Satin Slip Dresses with Slouchy Necklines

It looks like the 90s are back—bridal slip dresses are in again, complete with relaxed, cowl necklines that’ll suit the laid-back bride. The 2024 iterations forego the typical ankle-length cut for chapel-length trains, giving the bridal look an elegant, ceremony-ready finish.

10. Novelty Straps

Let your straps stand out! Instead of the usual demure straps, go for bubble, ribbon, flowervine, or pearly strands. This style frames the neckline, and can double as a jewelry alternative. It’s fresh, youthful, and fun, and teams well with serpentina gowns and other fitted silhouettes.

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