Here’s How to Plan the Victorian Era-Themed Wedding of Your Dreams

The mystique of bygone eras is a fertile point of inspiration. If you find yourself endlessly enchanted by the aesthetics, social customs, and fashion of decades past, why not go for a themed wedding? 

One such example is the Victorian Era of the United Kingdom and British Empire. Dating 1837-1901, the Victorian era is beloved for its distinctive aesthetic, and is enshrined in canon literature—think Charles Dickens and Emily Brontë—as well as in romantic films. 

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The aesthetic qualities of the period include elaborate, gilded architecture, ornate furniture, and larger-than-life fashion. Moody and maximal, this theme thrives on rich colors, floral patterns, lace, velvet, and gold details in both clothing and decor. The concrete features of the era make it an exciting motif for your special day. 

In this article, we list quick tips for conceptualizing your very own Victorian era-themed wedding. Happy planning! 

10 Tips for Planning a Victorian-Themed Wedding: 

1. Do your research and gather inspiration. 

Do a deep dive into the Victorian Era for fashion, decor pegs, and event customs that will be applicable to your wedding. Read books, watch films, and explore content produced by designers and topic experts. 

2. Select the perfect venue. 

Choose a venue that already exudes Victorian elegance, as the distinctive ambiance of the period is not easily replicated solely using decor—finding a location with fitting architecture is crucial. A historic mansion, garden, ballroom, or even a museum are strong contenders. 

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3. Select Victorian-inspired attire for the bride, groom, and entourage. 

The attire is the most make-or-break aspect in executing this theme. Depending on your preference, you could faithfully replicate the fashion of the period by sourcing vintage attire from specialized ateliers, or you could simply ask your designer to incorporate Victorian era-inspired assets. Hoop skirts, bustles, polonaise skirts, long sleeves, corsetry, and headwear were common in women’s fashion, while top hats, double-breasted waistcoats, and pronounced bow ties were popular for men. 

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4. Spice up the venue with detail-oriented decor.  

Take a trip to the past and decorate your venue with Victorian-era inspired decor. Ideas include candelabras, antique curiosities, oil paintings with ornate frames, velvet furniture, lace tablecloths, colorful floral wallpaper, and elaborate flower arrangements. To properly nail the theme, you could consult wedding planners who count period weddings among their specialties—they might already be in contact with antique dealers who could loan you real pieces from the era! 

5. Incorporate Victorian elements in your wedding program. 

If your wedding will take place on a conducive estate or farm, you could swap out a bridal car for a horse-drawn carriage to ferry you from the chapel to the main reception area, which will no doubt achieve a dramatic entrance. During the reception, you could also include some period-inspired details like formal language during toasts, ballroom dancing, as well as Victorian music. 

6. Be intentional about stationary and signage design. 

Source signages, invitations, and table markers that reflect the Victorian aesthetic. Go for elegant cursive fonts, lace, wax seals, and other equally intricate designs that will bring the theme to life. Remember, the devil is in the details—these little trinkets and instances of customization will tie everything together.  

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7. Choose themed entertainment. 

Source suppliers with themed entertainment, such as a string quartet, hymn singers, or an elaborate photo corner with an extravagant portrait wall and prop selection. You could also have an instant photo booth that prints out vintage-style portraits! 

8. Plan the food and drinks. 

Serve a menu that spotlights Victorian-era dishes, beverages, and desserts. Roasted meats, sweet and savory pies and puddings, and jams were popular at the time. In addition to a multi-course meal, you could also set up a gorgeous table of treats, complete with sponge cakes sitting on silver pedestals. And, of course, make sure not to forget the afternoon tea with light snacks! 

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9. Go for elaborate floral arrangements. 

Opt for flamboyant, romantic floral arrangements using blooms that were popular during the era, such as dahlias, petunias, geraniums, morning glories, lilies, and more. 

10. Hire a photographer who can capture the essence of the theme. 

Find a photographer whose aesthetic profile favors moody lighting, vintage color grading, and other techniques that’ll immortalize the romantic ambience of your wedding theme. 

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