Unveiling the Magic: Wedded Week, The World’s Favorite Online Wedding Expo


Wedded Wonderland proudly introduces Wedded Week, an evolution of our renowned online and in-person events, providing a golden opportunity for global wedding businesses to market themselves with exclusive offerings to couples eagerly planning their big day. This innovative global event addresses the challenges faced by both wedding businesses and customers, creating a platform that merges glamor, excitement, and incredible savings.

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Wedded Week seamlessly combines the allure and excitement of exclusive events with the unmatched savings associated with special shopping occasions, all tailored specifically for the wedding industry.

Unveiling the Magic: Wedded Week, The World’s Favorite Wedding Event - Online and In-Store


Boost Sales, Get New Customers

This is your opportunity to offer exclusive packages, limited offers and deals.

Wedded Week caters to the pressing issues that wedding businesses encounter in the industry. From the absence of a centralized marketing campaign calendar to challenges in attracting new customers, seasonal misalignments, and difficulties in reaching diverse target audiences, we understand the hurdles. This unique event, taking place from April 14th – 20th  and Oct 7-13th annually, allows businesses to offer exclusive packages, limited-time offers, and deals to overcome these challenges and maximize their opportunities.

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Unveiling the Magic: Wedded Week, The World’s Favorite Wedding Event - Online and In-Store


Wedded Week guides couples in discovering products, securing discounts and value-added offers, facilitating decision-making, and instilling excitement and joy in engaging with service providers. This event is a transformative experience, guiding couples through the process of purchasing products and booking vendors for their big day, with enthusiasm and joy.

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Unveiling the Magic: Wedded Week, The World’s Favorite Wedding Event - Online and In-Store

Partnering Benefits:

By becoming a part of Wedded Week, businesses can attract new customers, introduce new products, drive inquiries and sales, book available dates, increase average order values, and affiliate with some of the world’s biggest wedding brands.

Unveiling the Magic: Wedded Week, The World’s Favorite Wedding Event - Online and In-Store

What Wedded Week Drives:

Wedded Week not only brings brand awareness and exposure but also provides affiliation with renowned brands, increased foot and website traffic, online engagement, lead generation, event partnerships, and features. It caters to niche audiences, improves SEO, and facilitates direct marketing, driving seasonal offers for maximum impact.

Marketing and Promotions:

Leveraging our extensive network of celebrities, influencers, and leaders in the wedding industry, Wedded Wonderland ensures global reach for Wedded Week. Active support is provided to businesses through marketing materials, including promotional assets and resources, both online and in-store, creating a win-win situation for businesses and couples.

Advertising and Partnership Opportunities:

Businesses can seize advertising and partnership opportunities during Wedded Week. Register your business here for advertising and partnership opportunities.

As we gear up for the next Wedded Week, we invite wedding businesses and couples alike to join this extraordinary event, where innovation, exclusivity, and success converge. 

Wedded Wonderland is enthusiastic about maintaining its role as a trailblazer in the wedding industry, bringing dreams to life for businesses and couples alike in the wedding sector.

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