Here’s How to Pull Off a Luxurious All-White Wedding Theme

White, as the most quintessential shade for weddings, symbolizes purity, new beginnings, perfection, and truth, among other things. Due to its sublime meaning and unparalleled aesthetic value, white will simply never go out of style! That said, what could be more cohesive and timeless than an all-white wedding theme?

While it is canon for brides to wear white gowns, the shade is not limited to bridal regalia alone. Formerly a fashion faux pas, an all-white dress code for bridesmaids and guests is becoming more common—even the highly-publicized 2022 wedding of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck saw a snowy color scheme. In an exclusive interview with Wedded Wonderland, luxury wedding and events designer Eddie Zaratsian confirmed the popularity of the white palette, and called it “chic and timeless.”

If you aspire to mount the all-white wedding of your dreams, scroll below for quick tips on how to bring the theme to life.

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10 Tips for an All-White Wedding:

1. Choose an airy, spacious venue with white walls and a light-colored floor.

Your choice of venue works wonders toward enacting your chosen theme. No matter how much decor you crowd into it, the venue’s innate character will still shine through. So, to stick to a white theme, scout a classy ballroom or studio with predominantly white floors and walls. Decide if you’ll allow some accents like gold or wood. And, if you can’t find a fully white venue, check for versatility of design: maybe you’ll be permitted to change up the carpets or redecorate the ceilings to achieve your desired theme.

2. Ask guests to come in white attire.

Next: attire! Specify a white dress code when sending out your invitations. Make sure to include some outfit pegs in your manual in case some guests get confused—clarify whether you’ll be requiring a head-to-toe white outfit, or if certain neutral tones will be allowed.

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3. Incorporate white linens and draperies.

Source table linens, curtains, banners, streamers, and other cloths in your chosen shade of white for a totally cohesive look. This simplifies your selection process, too—you won’t have to problematize mixing and matching the color scheme for your decor!

4. Opt for all-white furniture.

In addition to the various draperies, make sure that all furniture, including dining tables, cocktail tables, display racks, chairs, and the wedding couch are white as snow, or at least dressed in a white covering. Together, they will make the whole setting look seamless.

5. Add glass and reflective accents to your decor.

For more depth and drama to balance out the fluffy matte texture of an overwhelmingly white venue, mix in glass and reflective elements. An idea: instead of a white carpet, walk down a mirrored aisle that reflects the clouds. This design choice broadens the visual impact of the all-white theme: instead of a blanket of snow, the theme then evokes an open sky and a sense of the infinite.

6. Request white blooms from your florist.

Apart from the fabrics and furniture, wedding flowers also constitute a bulk of your decor, making them a crucial part to address in executing your theme. Coordinate with your florist and request flowers in all white. Decide if you want a one-note type of white, or if you welcome various, mixed hues in the family of white, including soft creams and more shadowy shades of ivory. Your florist may also recommend styling the blooms with pale green bushes, or adding texture with white dried flowers.

7. Warm the venue with soft candlelight.

If you love the immaculate all-white look but wish to somehow achieve a soft, warm glow, have your event designer set up a candlelit dinner. The demure flames will cover the venue with an ethereal glow, and diffuse the stiffness of a purely white scheme.

8. Assemble an all-white grazing and/or dessert table.

They say that the more colorful the banquet, the healthier it is, but your wedding should entitle you to a free cheat day! Arrange a happy table of white sweets for both gastronomical and aesthetic delight. Some ideas for your treat perch: white merengues, cupcakes, cookies, confectionary-sugar coated fudge, and more.

9. Serve an assortment of white drinks.

In addition to the grazing table, serve white drinks to match! For the non-alcoholic beverages, opt for vanilla milkshakes, white chocolate lattes, coconut shakes, and others. As for the cocktails, fun options include the white lady, piña coladas, white cake martinis, sgroppinos, and other drinks made with coconut, egg whites, and similarly snowy ingredients.

10. Use white ink.

Lastly, skip black sharpies and have all instances of text appear in white ink. These include menus, table number inscriptions, wall prompts, and other decorative scribbles. A fancier option is to emboss text on high-quality white paper to achieve a luxurious, ink-less effect.

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