The Bride’s Guide to a Wedding Day Emergency Kit

You know the saying—fortune favors the prepared. Since the machinery of a wedding has so many moving parts, one should be ready for mishaps of all shapes and sizes. Think a wardrobe malfunction, a stain on the wedding dress, a miscommunication, and other commonplace bumps that the organizing party may or may not foresee. In any case, it’s better to show up with a kit of practical supplies, so you’ll be completely ready to roll on the day of the wedding.

Preparing a wedding emergency kit well in advance gives you more time to strategize on what you need to shop and pack. If you throw it together at the last-minute, you might forget some things, and stack up errands closer to the big day when you should ideally be resting and stepping into the mood of wedding cheer.

To help set you on the right track, we’ve listed 12 must-haves in your wedding emergency kit. Scroll on!

1. Wardrobe Malfunction Tools

When you fit your wedding gown, take note of fragile areas that may or may not need reinforcements, and set aside repair tools in your emergency kit. Pack small scissors for loose threads, basic sewing supplies, and hem tape.

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2. Stain-Removing Wipes or White Chalk

Brace yourself for sauce or wine stains on your all-white regalia! Invest in stain-removing wipes, pens, and chalk to blot out these pesky blemishes.

3. Band-Aids and Blister Pads

Most brides wear brand-new shoes to their weddings, which typically means that the material hasn’t been fully broken into yet. Combining that with the height of the usual bridal heel, you get a high possibility of blisters and aching. Combat these bothersome issues with band-aids, blister pads, and ointments. You’ll surely thank yourself later!

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4. Essential Medicines

All fingers are crossed in the hopes that you’ll never have to pull out emergency medicines for yourself or anyone in the entourage, but it’s crucial to have them on standby nevertheless. Pack tablets that address stomach acidity, allergies, headaches, and other miscellaneous ailments. If you take any special medication, make sure to bring those, too!

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5. Hair Tools

Make sure you have a mini kit prepped with small hair ties, bobby pins, a fine-tooth comb, and a mini can of hairspray or pomade. It’s good to have these within reach in case your hair gets snagged on something, or disheveled throughout the day.

6. Five Makeup Must-Haves

During your bridal glam, take note of the five or so essential items you’ll need for the inevitable retouch. The usual suspects include lipstick, powder, shimmer highlight, eyeliner, and blush.

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7. Power Bank

Save yourself the hassle of running out of phone battery by bringing a lightweight power bank and charging cord.

8. Printed Program and Contact List

In case something goes wrong and you can’t physically run over to the person in charge of troubleshooting, make sure to have a copy of the contact list and scheduling sheet on hand. In addition to a digital file, bring a physical copy for ease of reference.

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9. Wedding Vows

Don’t forget to have an extra copy of your vows, too! If you’ll be handwriting yours onto a card, make sure to photocopy them or save a digital copy in case it gets misplaced.

10. Water and Snacks

Stay hydrated and full of energy—have a water bottle and a simple treat, like a protein bar, on hand.

11. Perfume Decanter

Since you’ll be retouching your makeup anyway, you might as well retouch your wedding day fragrance. Constantly smelling the scent will also link it to happy memories of your wedding, which will make the fragrance a high-value memento later on.

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12. Tissues and Hand Sanitizer

Don’t forget the hygiene must-haves! Pack tissues and sanitizer to keep your hands clean at all times.

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