13 Timeless Engagement Ring Designs You Need to See

Engagement rings differ in style and design, from classic to vintage, we have selected the 13 timeless engagement ring styles you need to see. Perhaps soon, you’ll find yourself having to pick between different precious metals, gemstones, their respective construction types, and even the styles in which both interact. 

When selecting an engagement ring, make sure to take note of its setting. The setting refers to the way the jewels are set, or mounted on the metal band. Apart from the sheer aesthetic value of the ring, its setting also dictates your ease of wear. With a high-set ring, the focal gem will be mounted high on the band, giving it a queenly, elevated look. On the other hand, a low-set ring will see its jewel sitting closer to the band, which has durability perks—the gemstone will be less likely to get snagged on clothing or other materials, making it suitable for more active people. 

But, of course, falling in love with a ring is a highly personal matter, and it all boils down to your preference and how the jewelry piece makes you feel. Below, timeless ring styles for your perusal! 

13 Timeless Engagement Ring Styles: 

1. Classic Solitaire

The most classic, identifiable style, the solitaire features a single diamond or gemstone set on a plain band. This minimalist style emphasizes the elegance of the center stone.

Ring and photo by Incredible Gemstone via Etsy

2. Three-Stone or Trilogy Ring

Featuring three stones, often representing the past, present, and future, this style stacks triple the usual amount of sparkle. You can choose identical gemstones, but don’t feel limited—you can mix and match, too. 

Ring and photo by Gold Lake Design via Etsy

3. Pavé or Micro-Pavé

The pavé or micro-pavé setting sees diamonds set snugly together on the band’s surface, creating a brilliant and seamless sparkle. This glitzy design is perfect for brides who have a taste for glamor, and want something relatively straightforward yet timeless. 

Ring and photo by Ferko’s

4. Halo Setting

A halo setting features an extravagant center stone encircled by smaller diamonds, creating a stunning and radiant effect. This type is a sister to the solitaire style as well as the pavé; the final effect is stately, and not far from the timeless sophistication of a family heirloom. 

Ring and photo by Bellisa

5. Twisted Band

As the name suggests, twisted rings feature bands that are intertwined or braided, representing the harmonious entwining of two lives. Such bands are often paired with precious stones, just like in the solitaire style. 

Photo and ring by Evorden

6. Cathedral Ring 

Cathedral rings are characterized by elevated and arched design elements, which keep the center gemstone in place. In a cathedral ring setting, the shoulders of the ring are typically arched or raised to give off a regal, grand look. The term “cathedral” is used because the design often resembles the architectural arches and vaults found in traditional cathedrals.

Photo and Ring by Consider the Wldflwrs

7. Bezel Set

Similar to the channel set ring, a bezel set ring is a setting where the diamond or gemstone is surrounded by a metal rim, offering it proper protection and support while maintaining a sleek look. The metal detail also creates an appearance of tasteful continuity with the rest of the band, making it a good choice for minimalist brides who don’t mind a pretty jewel. 

Ring and Photo by Rings by June

8. Tension Setting

A slightly rarer but equally chic style, the tension setting is a contemporary style where the gemstone appears to be suspended or stuck between the two ends of the band. Some tension rings are simple, while others have more elaborate and sculptural metalwork, with bands that taper off into diagonal ends. 

Ring and photo by Brunott

9. Toi et Moi ring

The name “toi et moi” is French for “you and me,” which symbolizes the union of two individuals in a relationship. This style features two gems of significant size set side by side, creating an asymmetrical and endearing look. 

Ring and Photo by White November

10. Colored Gemstone Rings 

For the adventurous, fun-loving bride, a colorful gemstone may be in order. The allure of peridots, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and even rare colored diamonds will create a personalized, enchanting effect. 

Ring and photo by Evorden

11. Filigree Rings 

Filigree rings are distinguished by their ornate, intricate designs, which feature curled threads of metal that reference a dramatic, medieval aesthetic. Such rings are usually topped with large, beautiful diamonds. 

Ring and photo from Oro Spot via Etsy

12. Art Nouveau Rings

The Art Nouveau movement, which preceded the Art Deco era, embraced flowing lines inspired by the natural world, prized superior craftsmanship, and did not shy away from bohemian femininity. Art Nouveau rings often feature brilliant jewels set on playful metal shapes, which resemble waves or tree branches.  

Ring and photo by ILANIS Diamonds via Etsy

13. Art Deco Rings 

Next, the Art Deco style is known for bold geometry, and a mathematical precision—think machinery reinterpreted as beautiful decor. Baguette cut diamonds and sharp angularity are common for this unique aesthetic. 

Ring and photo by Ashley Zhang

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